Saturday, September 19, 2009

More random pics from the Paces

So these first pics are of a youth temple trip. Do you recognise Nate? A big moment this year was that he finally got an awesome suit. Three piece. He wears it with pride. And hangs it up every week, which is a first and only for him I think.
Nate and Brook arm wresteling in the parking lot. For a couple weeks Nate wanted to arm wrestly all of us pretty constantly. He had been reading Twilight. . .

Nick and Brooklynn on the temple trip. This might be somewhere on the hill Cumorah. Its pretty steep. Leading up to....................................
Brooklynn's First Date!!!!!!!

Brooklynn finally turned 16 5 days AFTER Nick, her best boy buddy, went to colledge 3 3/4 hours away. But ND (big Nathan) planned this awesome date! We drove most of the way to this National park that has the most beautiful waterfalls. Where it is stickly forbidden to go swimming. It would be romantic if it weren't for the slate rocks that fall off the cliff walls into the pool pretty regularly, killing some. And you could get pushed under by the falls. But other than that, its a pretty romantic spot. So we went for a really beautiful hike up to the falls.

Where, yes, we did go swimming!!!! ND and I got there first and did a little wading. The water was really cold. So Nick and Brook had just enough time to get there and get wet when the forest ranger came and blew his whistle at us!!!!! So we got out! Then we got dressed and had a cookout with sausage dogs and hamburgers, and we played GO FISH! for candy and Oreos till really really late. Brooklynn said no first date could be better. It was amazingly beautiful there.

Some random Pace Pics

So here is Levi cuddling with ike. I think this is so cute. I missed a good one last night. After the football game Levi was hanging around in just shorts cuddling this tiny grey kitty. That was cute!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

va time

here's us at the newport news harbor with someships including the george hwbush cvn, type, one each

Here we be's in virginia, living large in a hotel suite. In one way, we are now comparatively cramped in a tiny one bedroom hotel room. In the other, uncle shizaam is paying for a hotel for 5 months for us to play at around around the historic beaches, attractions around virginia beach. Not bad. Here's some pics.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cali and her Stowe Brothers!

Andra- I have another one of just Cali and Joseph I will e-mail it to you. I thought this was super cute! For those of you wondering if Ben has started saying, "super cute". He has not (at least publicly) this is Jenny. Ben says he would say "uber cute". :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not too friendly

Buddy was presented with a new squeak toy. He has had his Elephant for a long time. the elephant still has all appendages.
The squeaky cloth dog thing at walmart lasted 4 mintues before an ear was gone. He has had this Doggie toy for about 4 hours, and there was a 1 hour nap during it's lifespan.
See anything missing?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Surprise in the kitten pile!

Savannah led me over to the back door the other day to see the kitten pile. Definately a lot of kittens. She assured me that there was one more that I could not see, so we shook the door handle, and this is what popped up......

Poor Momma cat! This is when you know that you have too many kittens!