Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hunters Baptism

Come one come all. Tis the season for baptisms. Hunter turns 8 this Wednesday and I still can't believe it!

So, we are planning to have the baptism and then a late lunch at our house afterward. Remember play clothes for the kiddos in case the weather is nice. Here is the information.

March 6th 1:00pm
Woods Cross North Stake Center
1509 W. 1500 S.

If you are coming from I-15 this is just past our neighborhood on the left. If you are coming from Legacy, this is just before our neighborhood.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Adult Movie Night!!! HA HA

Okay, so for all of the men out there it is really a Grown Up movie night.  I always called it, "adult movie night".  That gave Ben a laugh!  Anyway, now that we are back I am getting on the movie night.  Andra will be so excited because we are going to watch......dadadda
:Ladies, I promise, this movie rocks!  Sam Worthington is in it as well (for those of you that went to AVATAR, it probably got him the Avatar roll)
It is rated PG 13.  Date: Saturday Feb. 27th, 8:30 P.M..  That way you can get your kiddies to bed. 
TREATS WILL BE PROVIDED!   Let us know if you can make it.  Either way Ben and I will be down there enjoying a cool movie and chowing down.

Had to post this....

Yes, he is really asleep.  I was trying to get him to eat lunch before nap time.  He didn't quite make it.  Isn't that so cute.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We had a little Duet this morning. they were even so good as to keep it up for the camera. Show offs.

And in other news, Kayla has a new favorite past time. can you guess what that is

that's right. drooling.

I was looking at old pictures today, and thought I'd share what a year in Dog Years turns out to be.

2 months old

14 months old much more mature, eh?