Saturday, May 31, 2008

I gain understanding.
Yesterday, at the behest of my in-laws, i called to assure that i had actually gotten my BA degree (Tech Management, Automotive Tech associates).
Yesterday, in other news, my technician and i got paid.
I've worked as a technician for the year after i got home from Iraq. I understand what He is feeling when the shop isn't keeping him busy.
You see, a technician (by in large) gambles for his wages. You don't need a degree to work on cars. Its one of the ways an employee can invest his hands and understanding to convert those to money. A technician can get paid around 15 to 20 dollars per shop hour. I know techs that can push that up toward 50 or 60 per real hour by just understanding how to do a job more quickly than expected.
Of course, i also have seen (and been) a tech that has worked 40 hours in a week and gotten paid for 12. There is the gamble. More often than not, a technician will do well enough.
If the shop isn't producing, a technician starts to look at other options. But where can an untrained laborer earn what a technician can earn when the shop is good?
Does a degree, brothers, sisters, and friends guarantee that I'll be able to earn the money i need? No. But i do believe that it opens the doors of companies that I would want to work for.

Just a bit of recent thought.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grant's trip to Philly

So there I was, on the train platform at Market East Station waiting for the 5:10 back to Norristown. A certain obviously metro dude was talking to an acquaintance of his (cell phone) in a manner I wouldn't use, but hey, I'm not a big city feller. After his conversation we start talking and when the train shows up, he asks if I want to sit with him. Yep, he's gay. Gay, gay, gay. We chit chat for a few minutes and out of the blue he asks me if I want to go to a Duran Duran concert at the Mann Center. You all know I love gay music, thanks for that Val, so I call Laila and beg out of swimming that night. We get off in East Falls and go to his pad to get some stuff and while there, I peruse "Out" magazine's list of 10 hottest male models. Cute. Then we run down to the corner liquor store, he gets a 20 oz. of Crown Royal and off we go to the Mann. Once we get in, he introduces me to all of his peeps and about 30 minutes later is crazy drunk. We go sit down in our box seat and he gets up to go to the bathroom and doesn't come back. So I got to see Duran Duran's Red Carpet Masacre Concert and the Mann Center for free!!! It was awesome, and not too gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Mystery solved....

Mystery solved. I walked into the living room this morning & the little kids were in there playing. I asked what on earth these things were and was told that these were horse jumps. Remember--we live in a neighborhood with a riding arena (is that the right word?) and so they actually do see these things...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random pictures

Sometimes I just don't get my kids. What on earth are they doing? This is Jenna preparing for her piano lesson today...

And here is what my living room is full of tonight. Do you get it? I sure don't!

Lastly, just so you all know--in my next life I'm going to be a cat. A fat, happy cat like Tiger. I'm going to lay in the sun and snooze. No more cooking, cleaning, or laundry for me!

Margs new form of transportation

Margaret has been trying to decide on a new form of transportation, seeing as how the gas prices are up so high. She thought about doing a hybrid, but thought this would be even better. Add a tarp and it is even winter worthy!!!

My family after church

I've seen the way other children in the family look after church, thanks to blog pics.
But this is how my family looks after church! Are you wondering if Lincoln and Isaac were sharing gum between the first and second shots? They both had a piece, and we were trying to convince them to keep it in their mouths the whole trip.

The other girl in the picture, who we are hiding with a sock here (for her own protection) is Michelle, brooklynn's friend.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adding a Calendar & other format issues

I was just looking at some pictures on cousin Melanie's inlaws blog. They have this cool calendar on the side that shows everyone's birthdays--I want to add one to our blog. So first of all, please post a comment with all of the birthdays in your family.

Second, I was wondering if you guys would rather the comments show all of the time, or do you like how they are now. The Leonard's blog has comments showing, and you can see it here:

Any other format issues while I'm wondering?

What did I say?

So, Can anyone guess what I am saying and why??? Well, I woke up Monday morning and Andra walked out of our main floor bedroom holding Evan. Needless to say I was a little surprised. My words are "Oh my gosh, (pointing to Brent) You stink!!!" We have had a great time so far and plan to continue gorging yummy ice cream, watching girl shows on tv, going to Amish Country, etc... Yeay for more family coming. First Grant last week, Andra this week. Who's next???? Come on, I am ready!!!

my cute girlies

I heard commotion out on the porch the other day and this is what I saw outside. It was a sweet moment and I'm glad I caught it with the camera, because the girls spend a lot of time griping and complaining at each other lately. Lots of "I think you *hate* me!" and "you're just not nice!" I know it's a phase, and I've known all along that this lovely and wonderful phase we were in couldn't last...but I am so sad!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

bling bling!

Well guys (or should I say, ladies and Jeremy?) here you go! I got the ring (finally!) Friday night. Isn't it pretty? One of my friends came by to see it Saturday and called it a "princess ring"...

This is the picture Mahon took... as I hear it it took an incredibly expensive digital SLR, a lot of rigging, and weird random things like bobby pins to make it turn out this great:

And here is a (much less thought out) snapshot of what the ring looks like on my finger:

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Whoah. Sorry about the font size in that last post. It felt like I was shouting! So I thought I would also include some videos from Elaina's birthday party on Saturday. We rented time at a gymnastics gym, and Grant and Jeff went a little crazy, showing up the children in both skill and style.

A Few Posts to End the Derth...

Happy Birthday to Elaina!

Elaina turned eight this week! She's so excited to be baptized! As a reminder, we're baptizing her the first weekend in July, on Saturday the 5th. Anyone who can, please plan to attend. Elaina is so sweet and smart, and so aware of things. Much more, I would say, than I was at this age. I was a day-dreamer and a story-writer.

With that said, I thought I would ask the Watsons a question I have. Elaina is very smart, understands things quickly, and is bored easily in school. Homework is like pulling teeth and we're only in the 2nd grade! Since she is a very different little person than myself and any of my sisters, I'm wondering if taking a Watson approach might help her want to do well and perhaps enjoy schoolwork. (Is that possible?) What motivated you when you were younger? What seems to work for your children?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sick Froggie

This is pathetic. Such a lack of posting on the blog that I have had to go looking for a picture to send you all. This is Ike when he thought he was going to be sick. I thought he and his froggie both look like froggiese. It was funny. I just thought. Today I put my garden in. So maybe I wil take a picture of it for you and update from time to time so you can see how my plants grow. Then next. I will post pictures of paint drying!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another part of the being watson gene

Who else reads in the bathtub?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thanks for the recommendation

Whoever put up that we should see August Rush. It was fantastic.

the "being watson" gene - what happens when mom is out

This video is posted for several reasons. 1st, I post it to help Cindy feel a little better. Just imagine what shanangins Joshua will be up to in nearly 7 more years. 2nd, to show all that the crazy reckless Watson gene lives on. And Lastly, to show living proof of what happens when I am not around. I went on a new member lesson with the missionaries and this is what Brent showed me when I got home. He said that he walked into our family room and Joshy was up on the window ledge. He asked who had put him up there, and neither Hunter or Lilly would confess to the crime. He then watched Josh preforming the "trick" and then decided to video tape it as evidence. I think it is time to move the slide!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Things you NEVER expect to see when you look out the window...

We are thinking of selling Rachel to the circus...


OK , So I know what your thinking. No way am I going to see Iron Man. Just a comic book movie about a hero I never thought was that cool.

I am here to say in the most GLARING manner possible that this movie may be the "BEST execution of an Idea ever put to film" Thats my quote by the way.

Maria and I went and saw it yesterday, Although she was thoroughly Uninterested in seeing a movie about "an iron man" we both agree it is the best thing to hit the theaters in a long time.

VERY VERY Clean, No language, Cant remember any blood. One mention of Sex but thats it. Really I was blown away. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. "IRON MAN!!" rediculously better than you would have thought.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tender mercies

I had a couple of tender mercies this week. I really loved them. First, after about 10 years ago I bought a pound of dried rasberry leaves. It turns out that a pound of dried rasberry leaves is about three gallons! I gave some away, and have used it since then. Lately I've used it to prevent acne, which i shouldn't be having because I am almost 40!!! And then I ran out. I thought for a few days about ordering more. But we're trying to pinch pennies, and I would be paying shipping and stuff. I thought of buying some from the local rasberry farmer, but I figured, the rasberry bushes probably needed their leaves to make the berries. So as I was thinking about this, I was just reminded that last year I noticed that out in back of the white barn, there was a lone wild bush! So there you go! I have been going out to steal some sprigs of it every day. It is bigger than it was last year. So my face is clearing up again.

The I was painting. I had finished painting the top of the dining room. Lots of woodwork to tape off. So I was talking to Nathan and told him I ran out of tape, I was going to have to buy more. He said to reuse what I had! I laughed, because everyone knows you can't do that!!! I've painted tons, and the tape always rips to shreds as I take it off! yeah, I'm so cocky, I know everything!!!! But a couple hours later, I thought I would try it off. Every single piece of tape came off perfectly! Not a single piece tore! And no paint came off with it, so it was still sticky! So i used all of it again to do the bottom of the room, and THEN I hung it back on the wall, so I can use it AGAIN later!!!! I might be reaching some kind of limit here. Pretty sure I am. But I am thankful that Heavenly Father helped me out with these little things. Because a lot of problems that I have are BIG things. And if Heavenly Father cares about the little things, I know he will care about the big things.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thanks a Bunch!!!!

Thanks to everyone for such wonderful Birthday surprises! The flowers look beautiful in our new home, and the candy is being joyfully consumed as we write!

Love to all of you!

Dad and Ramona

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ramona's birthday/mother's day

For those of you who chipped in for Ramona's birthday and mother's day presents - I think it is only fair to let you know what we got for her! Someone was selling beautiful wooden roses so we got her 2 dozen, added in some baby's breath and a great vase for her birthday.
And for mother's day, we got her a year's supply of ferrio rocher chocolates(depending on how many dad eats!).
Maybe Ramona will post pictures on here, because I forgot to take any!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Some were born with a silver spoon.....

Apparently, this one will make due with a silver coated water faucet!

Or with a nice Aunt who was willing to offer up her lips to him!!!

And this one is just here for good measure. He had just received a tiny radio with headphones and fell asleep listening to them. He has NEVER done anything like this before!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New horse for Marg

I have found the perfect horse for Margaret, and the stables can be built from Lincoln's logs.
And yes, this is about full-size. You, too can get one for 3K-8K.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will looks like this because:

A) The neighbor's dog really really wanted his tail back.
B) The cat from next door didn't want to be put inside the Jack in the Box.
C) Carpet tack strips aren't meant for the face.
D) Vicious attack of chocolate covered donuts when falling asleep in the back of the car.

kids say the funniest things...

I guess that at least one of my children has missed my rants & raves about the importance of giving your children "normal" names. Here is a conversation from the kitchen just a while ago.

Jenna: Rachel and I are going to have a picnic with our 'Merican girl dolls. Did you know that my 'Merican girl doll is named Claire Nichols Ray?

Me: (thinking --"Nichols" How interesting. Where did she come up with the name Nichols? The new seminary/institute guy is named Nichols, but surely she doesn't know that!)

Jenna: But now I wish she had a different name.

Me: Really? What do you wish you'd named her?

Jenna: I wish her name was Claire Quarters Ray.

Me: Quarters? (thinking--Quarters? it....Claire NICKELS Ray...)

We obviously have some work to do before the girl grows up. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For your entertainment....

I'd rather be at PF chang's

So while you ladies have been partying in Utah here is what I have been doing (since Thursday when Jenna got sick):

-Taking care of sick kids as they all got the stomach flu one after another
-Supplying the troops with an endless supply of movies & video games
-Listening to 7 year olds whine about how bad they are feeling and describe in great detail all their gastric distress
-Refilling Sprite cups
-Holding little girl hair back for ease of vomiting

Ahh... a vacation for sure...

My Offspring?????

I know kids have spare time on their hands from time to time. And they watch tv, or spend time with friends. Roller skate, or ride bikes or whatever. We dream that they might spend their time doing something constructive!!!! My precious offspring spend their spare time trying to roll UP the stairs!
The little one I can almost understand, but that big one is taking her Senior AP Calculus test tomorrow!!!! While I sign her up for her 2nd semester of college!!!!

Should I be worried?????

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Girl's Night Out '08

As requested, here's our picture from PF Chang's. Notice how happy we all look? The reason: see Exhibit B.

Exhibit B:
The only thing that could have made this year's GNO better would have been to have all of us there. Marg, Jenny, Jeannie, Emily, Maria: we missed you!

Sowing Her Wild Oats

This past weekend, with no children or spouse to hold her down, Laila went a little wild, threw caution to the wind and bought sassy new shoes and a sporty new car. The pictures tell most of the story, but beyond that- I'm sorry, Brent. What happens at Girl's Night Out stays at Girl's Night Out!

in case you weren't excited enough before

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Tale of a Cat Pushed too FAR!!!

So Lincoln fell asleep on the couch, and Madison thought he looked like a comphy place to sleep also!
So she crawled up on the blue blanket and fell asleep. Everything was peacefull. After sleeping more or less upright for a while, Lincoln fell over. All was still well with the cat. Although the angle might be a little less optimal.

Then Lincoln GRABS the cat and WRANGLES her under his head to use as a PILLOW!!!!! Note the look on the cat's face. The cat put up with this treatment for a suprisingly long time. I was proud of her.
Then she left. It took some doing, since he had her in some kind of death grip, and kept trying to re-pillow, if you know what if mean.


I surely hope this is not dishonest! I just posted the doctored house picture on KSL for rent and on KSL for sale by owner. I tried to chase down some sod Ramona had a lead on, but it did not work out. Guess I'd better go and get some seeds and start watering like crazy so it won't be a case of false advertising!