Saturday, May 31, 2008

I gain understanding.
Yesterday, at the behest of my in-laws, i called to assure that i had actually gotten my BA degree (Tech Management, Automotive Tech associates).
Yesterday, in other news, my technician and i got paid.
I've worked as a technician for the year after i got home from Iraq. I understand what He is feeling when the shop isn't keeping him busy.
You see, a technician (by in large) gambles for his wages. You don't need a degree to work on cars. Its one of the ways an employee can invest his hands and understanding to convert those to money. A technician can get paid around 15 to 20 dollars per shop hour. I know techs that can push that up toward 50 or 60 per real hour by just understanding how to do a job more quickly than expected.
Of course, i also have seen (and been) a tech that has worked 40 hours in a week and gotten paid for 12. There is the gamble. More often than not, a technician will do well enough.
If the shop isn't producing, a technician starts to look at other options. But where can an untrained laborer earn what a technician can earn when the shop is good?
Does a degree, brothers, sisters, and friends guarantee that I'll be able to earn the money i need? No. But i do believe that it opens the doors of companies that I would want to work for.

Just a bit of recent thought.


somestratt said...

I think you did a good thing by getting your degree. Many jobs nowadays just want to see that you have a degree and can use basic programs on a computer. Without these you have no chance. So, if you ever get sick of your current job, or you get booted from it, you will have a better chance of getting another...aside from what you said.

Nathan & Margaret said...

I think your awesome any way you slice you!!! go SAm supersam!!!

abstowe said...

While a college education is not for some, I have always been glad that Bob forced me into finishing my degree. You are the 2nd watson male sibling of mine to get a degree and that, in itself, is getting a lot.
May you be able to support yourself and your family well (and preferably without getting a second job.....)

Grant Watson said...

Not having a degree, but understanding the differences between your, yore, you're, to, two and too, let me throw in my to cents worth. Your awesome and I mean in too ways. You're future jobs will see yore efforts and dedication as a sign of you're ability to start, finish and supervise a task. And the FBI, DEA, CIA, DIA, NSA and TSA will all hire you just because you have a degree, regards of major or institution.

Sorry fore picking, I just see grammar abuses like gay men in a train station.

Sam, SuperSam said...

on Grants Grammar lesson... i once got a note from a chick i was interested in... in the course of her ramblings, she claimed that she would prefer to talk and enjoy a good conversation (Then) make out.
let me tell you of my crusade for then and than.

AmShaZam said...

I'll add to that my "their, they're, there" pet peeve!

Cindy said...

I agree with Laila--there are plenty of jobs out there that you can get because you have a degree that will have *nothing* to do with your degree. I think that employers must assume that if you have been persistent enough to get said degree, it shows something about you. One of my friends husbands doesn't have a degree & has been working with computers for about 10 years. He is tired of this job & wants a new one, but is finding that even though he has this experience, the lack of degree is still affecting his ability to get a new job...

By the way, I agree with that girl...I'd like to have a good conversation, then make out. Right Russ?? ;)