Sunday, May 4, 2008

Girl's Night Out '08

As requested, here's our picture from PF Chang's. Notice how happy we all look? The reason: see Exhibit B.

Exhibit B:
The only thing that could have made this year's GNO better would have been to have all of us there. Marg, Jenny, Jeannie, Emily, Maria: we missed you!


Nathan & Margaret said...

That ALREADY looks like quite a crowd around the table! And then the list of girls missing at the bottom! What a crowd! I guess that is what happens when there are ten siblings and then they all get married! Yikes! I bet PF changs was great. Tell me, did you have the soothing lettuce wraps??? Oh, the cake looks amazing. Yum.

Jeremy and Maria said...
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Jeremy and Maria said...

So sorry my wife wasn't there, Will make every effort to have her there when we start gettin kiddies. Love you all.

PS. Maria says the cake looks "mmmmm mmmm good'

Sam, SuperSam said...

i know that is has been almost a month since someone told em and i about girls night out... but you gotta realize that both of us completely forgot.
so, the lessen to learn here is that constant and consistent repitition will help our stressed (Emily) and slightly tarded (Sam, not re) brains to come and have fun with the family.
sorry, and see you next year, she will,

abstowe said...

You know that ALL sisters are welcome with or without children? In fact, I can speak from experience, it is definitely more fun without bringing a baby with you! Cute as they are, those baby free sister's nights out are the best!

We really missed our "new girl!" We just guessed that she must be really busy with school and keeping her man happy. We'll look forward to next year.....

Cindy said...

We DID miss the new girl! Good thing there weren't any elevators!!