Thursday, May 1, 2008


I surely hope this is not dishonest! I just posted the doctored house picture on KSL for rent and on KSL for sale by owner. I tried to chase down some sod Ramona had a lead on, but it did not work out. Guess I'd better go and get some seeds and start watering like crazy so it won't be a case of false advertising!


Jeremy and Maria said...

not sure if it is honest or dishonest. But it looks great in both pics. Love ya.

Nathan & Margaret said...

FABULOUS!!! the little house is looking so cute. My next fab suggestions. two little bushes on one side of the front porch, three on the longer side. And a small decorative tree, and some colorful creeping flox in the planting area. Get the flox early, it goes from the nursuries fast and has gorgeous color forEVER!!!

Nathan & Margaret said...

But i say if you're going to photoshop in grass, you could photoshop grass in from a golf cource!!!!!