Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To Boldly Go...

You may know or not, but my dad was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has lymphoma and has begun very agressive chemotherapy. So, as soon as the semester was over, my sister and I flew to Ohio this past weekend to see him and spend some time together. To our amazement, we saw that our bald dad held a striking resemblence to Captain Jean-Luke Picard of the Starship Enterprise!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yep, 200 pounds!

Ok. . .this is only to explain the 200 pound kid that I have. . . im a little grossed out. But it was really funny, he came home from school barfing yesterday really sick. he was in bed all afternoon feeling realy aweful, and then about 9 oclock as the rest of the family was really getting into fhe he came down in his UNDIES and said he felt great, and that he now knew the truth, his clothes were what was making him feel sick. IT WAS HILAROUS!!!! He is back in bed miserable today!!!!
Oh, i am sure he would want you to know, this is an abs shot, his arms are just as big.

Shooting the Canandaigua

Levi and I ran the race on the mighty Canandaigua river this year. The day was great - 75-80 until it started to rain. Water was warm. I loved it. We traded in our canoe for a submarine about 1/2 way through as we took on more and more water. I installed a wave splash guard on our canoe like some of the guys we talked to last year told us to. It was supposed to keep water out of the canoe. You can tell, it didn't seem to help. Once we were under water, it seemed to pull the bow up a bit though :) . We took a great line all the way through and never capsized in any rapid, but his 200 pounds and my 260 pounds i think just make our boat ride low. We just kept taking on more water until we were full, that happened about 100 yards infront of the main rapids that killed us last year. We took a far right line and went over the falls well (if you consider sideways, then backwards good) but we didn't capsize, That only happened because with all the water in our canoe, we couldn't manuever, then we just turned around so I was in bow and levi in stern, but with the submerged state of our fine craft, and rather than finish the race backwards, we jumped out and dumped water and kept going. While we were submarining, Levi was paddling up to his shoulders in the water, and his head was going under every wave. I don't know how he liked it but he seemed to be happy when he came up for air. We still finished with a good time and I have no idea if we matched last years results. Having run it last year really helped us take a better line this year. As you can see from the picture, we made an attempt at floatation devices, we need to learn to attach them better and probably either lose weight or get more of them. We had a great time. We are trying to find out how we did. I got third last year with Brother clemmer, a with a partner who cant even measure up to my partner this year. We can't find results anywhere.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh if Jeremy ever became a dentist, I would hope he could find a better smile than this. What were these people thinking???

Friday, April 25, 2008

some funny things I've seen recently...

Sorry--I don't have any great pictures for you today. But two funny stories.

Cindy Lynn had outpatient surgery yesterday. She had a port placed--so that now she has a permanent access for the next time she needs IV antibiotics. I was helping her get dressed after the surgery and she lifted up her arm. Much to my surprise there was a SNAP on her ribcage! I had NO idea that that was the way they put people back together after surgery!

The little girls were playing in the kitchen this morning with a jump rope. Rachel was holding the jump rope and was pulling around Jenna, the "doggy", who was holding the rope in her mouth. After a few minutes I told them it was time to do chores. It was Jenna's day to empty the dishwasher and she started right away. A few minutes later I glanced over to where she was unloading the silverware--and she was obviously still in "doggy" mode--she was putting the silverware away by picking up each piece with her mouth! Nasty! Needless to say I told her that wasn't going to work for me....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

FHE at the Ray House

Sorry....FHE at the Ray House has been removed at the request of one of the participants...

YAY!!! We have internet again!

So we are back. Maria posted about everything from our trip.

We thought ya'll would enjoy this video from val's house. We are thinking that little William will be a real ladies man one of these days. He's getting a jump on the kissin experience. Just about the cutiest thing i've ever seen. Check out our Blog for more pics from the trip. Maria always posts things there so that her fam can see it also. Love you all. Jeremy & The most beautiful girl in the world.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

things the bring others joy and then bring me joy

I like the idea of enhancing pictures. The idea of being able to do it well brings me joy. Maybe one day I will figure it out!!!

Things that bring me joy

Amber's picture of the daffodils inspired me to share. When I'm in Utah/Idaho it's the tulips that bring me joy. I just love them, and am sad every spring that tulips don't really thrive in NC. But NC in the spring brings me such delight. I love this place. Thanks dad for living in NC so that we would consider taking a job here. I can't believe that in 2 months we will have been here 13 years! Anyway, here are some pictures from my walks yesterday. Enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Things That Bring Us Joy

We all have our simple, little things that bring us joy. For me, one of those things are daffodils. They represent new life and sunshine, Easter and springtime. I just can't get enough of them. For Jeff, however, he finds joy in different ways. Welcome to the Command Center. This past weekend, while my brother in law and his crew were here finishing the basement, they set up a gaming center in the garage. That man you do not see toward the back of the photo is Grant. He's doing something top secret, it would appear. Also, note the cases of pop and bags of candy- enough to take them through many satisfying hours of shooting and killing one another.

am i trying too hard?

years ago i decided that there are things i would not do. things that could in no way be helpful to a relationship. As far as i know, Emily has never heard me that this or that woman is beautiful. And i can say this because its been a long time since i've said anything about anyone. Em doesn't need that to worry her at night, and i don't need to plant that seed in myself, do i?
I bring this up because today at work, the guys wanted me to pick which of the ms. idaho chicks was more up my alley, and they can't believe that i won't even choose one.
Fellas? tell me i'm retarded or something.
Ladies, tell me i'm out of my mind and it couldn't hurt.
Em, I love.
thanks, and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

now I can look at the blog again

OK so the real point of this post is so that Laila's hideous bugs are no longer at the top of the blog. Because it's kind of killing the blog for me, people. So check it out: spring in NC.

Hope you in the West are enjoying your snow.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

if only i was Rachel or Jenna

So, I read the cute post about rachel and jenna not long after researching one of my own "reemerging" springtime bugs here. Unfortunately I do not look forward to their return every year with glee and anticipation. I do not shout for joy the first time I see one in the spring. I do not hold them and give them names or nick names. Actually, when I see the first one of the season I usually curse under my breath and shiver in my skin. I then proceed to kill these bugs. That is a big accomplishment for me since for the first couple of years I just chose to throw something at them and then curse again for not being able to kill it. You have to sneak up on these nasty things because they are the worlds fastest arthropod. Nasty, nasty nasty. They also PREFER to live inside, not outside like other bugs. again, nasty, nasty. Please, send Rachel and Jenna to take care of these ones for me. Even finding a picture of one of my arch nemesis turned my stomach. YUCK! Really, the only upside is that they feed on nastier critters, but these guys are just scary! And these guys, all 15 pairs of legs, can get to be really long (like 3-4 inches). So, here you go, meet my spring thorn.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Orthodontic trauma

I was going to start this post with a picture of my braces, truly I was. But as it turns out it's much more difficult to take a picture of teeth wearing clear braces than I imagined. I took a dozen bad ones by myself, and then enlisted the help of Russ, who took 4 more that were both bad *and* unflattering. So I give up, and if you'd like I will show you my teeth next time I see you.

I had a scary day at the ortho. I was in for a repo evaluation. No, don't worry. My teeth were not the latest victims of the sub-prime mortgage crisis. They were evaluating to reposition, not repossess.

So I'm laying there in the chair with my mouth open as far as humanly possible, and then some. They have these cool plier things that they use in some mysterious way to scrape the bracket off your teeth. Apparently the cement is strong in only one direction, though it quickly became more apparent that this principle is more true with metal braces than with clear braces. Because the technician popped the metal bracket right off, but pushed and pulled and tugged and then pushed some more on the clear bracket. I was more than a little concerned about the possibility that she was going to wrench my tooth right out of my mouth. Then something popped and she said "oh darn, I've fractured it." Now if that doesn't inspire confidence in the heart (and teeth) of the orthodontic patient I just don't know what will. All I could think was--she FRACTURED my tooth? This cannot be good!!

I had a moment of relief as she explained that she had broken two of the brackets and not my tooth. (hooray!) But it was a short moment, because then the orthodontist came over and explained that he would now have to grind the broken brackets off of my teeth. "Don't worry," he said, "I'll be able to see when I've ground all of the bracket off and have reached the glue layer." That was comforting--to know that he at least had a landmark to keep him from griding off the front surfaces of my front teeth! He also explained that he was going to have to have water spraying on my teeth as he ground. Who knows why that was. It's possible that I'm better off not knowing...

The last part of my eventful appointment was having the new brackets cemented in place. This was proceeded by the technician inserting a piece of plastic in my mouth around my teeth that made me look, I am sure, very much like a wide mouth bass. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) my mouth is too small for the wide mouth bass look, and so it had to come out. The actual cementing of the new brackets was almost anti-climatic by the time it happened.

Here's hoping that next time I can go back to the quick, uneventful orthodontic adjustment, in which I have no need to worry that any of my teeth have been broken. Or that I look like a wide mouth bass...

I just don't get it....

I just don't get it. We have a house *FULL* of toys. Educational toys. Entertaining toys. Expensive toys. Cheap toys. And everything inbetween. We have a yard full of toys. A swingset. A trampoline. Roller skates. Scooters. Bikes. Sidewalk chalk. You name it, and there's a good chance it's here. So what have my girls spent the ENTIRE morning doing? can see for yourself...

For weeks now I have heard a continual moaning, wailing, and gnashing of teeth about the absence of fuzzy caterpillars in our yard. Much to Rachel & Jenna's delight, it was instantly apparent when we arrived home from church that this years' crop of caterpillars had arrived while we were at church. The collecting frenzy started the moment they were out of the van and has continued unabated. I did make them reduce their collections a few hours ago from 8 caterpillars each to 3 caterpillars each. They were distraught, as each caterpillar that I made them release back into the wild had a name and was considered a dear friend.

Jared has remained pretty much immune to caterpillar fever. I'm not sure if it's a gender thing or what. Maybe fuzzy caterpillars just don't appeal to man-children. He's happy to go out and feed the tadpoles some more, and build another Lego police car...

When pigs fly

On Sundays our kids don't always get naps because our church ends at 2:30 and we aren't usually home until at least 3:00. So, yesterday Lilly got to stay up and watch a movie while the rest of us slept. Brent was out working on church audit stuff and this is what he found when he came home. Lilly had curled up on the couch and was fast asleep. This NEVER happens with our children. Seriously, only when they are sick. She must have been really tired and really comfy! I couldn't help myself from taking a picture when she was finally still!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brain Teaser

OK Guys! Here's one for you to figure out:

Three Mormon women attending BYU Women's Conference went to check into their hotel. The room was only $30.00, so each shared the cost by paying $10 each. A few minutes after they left the front desk, the guy who checked them in realized he had overcharged them. The room was only $25, so he called for the bell hop to go to their room and give them back their $5.

The bell hop, not knowing how to split $5 evenly between the three women, decided to just pocket the extra $2 and gave each of the women $1 back. So . . . here's the question: The women, having been given their $1 back, each paid $9. $9 times 3 is $27, plus the $2 the bell hop kept, equals $29. What happened to the other $1?

Just a warning: You who are attending BYU Women's Conference, BEWARE OF DISHONEST BELL HOPS!

a helpful fallacy.

No, you don't look fat. Just kidding.... wow. i'll quit that line now, because theres no way to exit it gracefully.

There are people in my life that i find difficult to deal with, and impossible to understand. I think everyone has some. am i wrong?
Somehow recently i developed a new doctrine of Sam. It is this: Christ suffered everything for us, right? He understands what we are going through, right?
My problem? I don't. I don't understand what you're going through, and why this or that person is difficult for me to tolerate for over 1/2 minute at a time.
My helpful fallacy? I can forgive and be tolerant here because i'll get to understand from their problems, and blessings.
the corollary is the blessings that I have (and i have lots, i feel) should allow me to do better than i do. and when people get to see my blessings and issues, they'll see what i could have been, and who i turned out to be.
So, what do you think?
It has honestly helped me to feel better about life, and even if its false, it is good.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Congratulations Amber!

Congratulations to Amber for being invited and inducted into Phi Kappa Phi. For those who don't know, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective all-discipline honor society. She earned the honor by keeping a 3.95 GPA while attending UVSC, soon to be UVU. I just wanted you all to know how proud I am of her and all her hard work.

My Magic Jeep

I suscribe to a jeep forum thats all about Cherokees. Its fun to communicate and learn from others experience. The other day i decided to post "My Magic Jeep". It seems that my vehicle is special, in that sometimes it'll develop a rather serious problem... like a dead starter or unimporntant stuff like it idling at near redline. fun...
and when i don't take care of it, it just goes away.
It's not like i don't care for it though. so in retaliation to grants car pic, you get to see My Jeepy, and super cool additions.

as in all good old american cars, my headliner was fallen and holy.
so i removed it and recovered the liner... with a thin whale corduroy. look close, its not perfect, but it has extra class.

Can anyone find my sub woofer? how about my 30 foot 5 inch wide bright yellow tow strap that is also in the picture somewhere... Note that it is cool because its mass is not dead center making my jeep stupid and useless. the sub actually mounts 5 inches into the void space in the rear fender. yeah. i am cool, and i was bored.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anyone up for dinner out tomorrow night to help celebrate Bob's 47th birthday? Gosh, he's gone and gotten old all of a sudden!

Pick me pick me pick me!!!!!

I heard there was this blog, and that only the coolest people could be on it. But then it occured to me that I am somewhat cool, and if I could blog I would be cooler. So, heres my thing, I want to be on the in Watson crowd!
Look how cool I am, with all four of my wisdom teeth still in (in this pic, soon to be removed) I know I could be a fun cool addition to the blog! But definitely not as fun as Uncle Grant or Val or Jeremy, but funner than my mom!!!!
Aunt Cindy please send me the link to sign up!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cute pic from Disneyland

I don't fancy myself a photographer, but I took some candids with Sage's Konica Minolta Z6 at Disneyland a week ago. When it takes a good picture, it takes a good picture.

Cute one liners

So, today during lunch Lilly and I were talking. I cannot remember what she was talking about but she says to me "It's behind and befront ." Too cute!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

modest farm girls wall calendar!!!

Levi had a VERY shy friend sleeping over. To torture him, Brook and her friend Michelle put his clothes on (over their own!) and took pictures of the adventures his clothes had while he was sleeping in. His mom said she would love for him to see them, since he has kind of no self esteem. Even though he is older than Levi and really cute, he thinks he can't ask any girls out because they would say no.
Showing their desire to do good works, and strictly as a compassionate service, both girls enthusiasticly assured me that they would go out with him in less than a heartbeat. But won't at the present time because one has 499, and the other has 312 days till they are sixteen at the time of the picture taking. They spouted these numbers off the top of their heads. How did they do that???? ps. the boy turned bright red!!!! But seemed to like the pics. And he didn't even get mad that they were sitting on his truck!!!!

Done At Last!

For those of you who may not have known, this past semester I was Editor-in-Chief of UVSC's literary journal, Touchstones. As of tomorrow, the journal will launch and my duties as Chief Watson will end. I've been working two years to get to this point, and I just thought this issue looked so cool I would share. (Of course, I'm not very objective...)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grant , Sage, Suzy and Lizy

We're selling our CR-V and getting an Odyssey, so here's our picture from today after the second session. Good looking crew, huh?

Memories anyone?

Ok, so this is for Ben and Grant down. Go to this website and see if it brings back any memories.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Apostle

I was almost positive I would be the newest apostle. Self assessment, apparently, isn't the only criteria.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New House Series

So, Bob and I have had plentiful requests for new house pictures. I figure the only way to do this is a room at a time, as I find time! So, the first room is the laundry room. I took these so Cindy could help me figure out where I should keep sorted dirty laundry, but now all of you get to benefit!
For those of you who live close, sorry - you've already seen it!

This picture has on of my favorite things on it. The utility sink on the right of the picture has a small drinking fountain faucet attached so the kids can get their own drinks. The cabinet guy is in the process of making a pull out stool that will fit just inside the cabinet so the kids will stop upending my garbage can to reach it!

The mud room half could still use (a) hooks which we have purchased but have not had time to install as the for sale house is still not all the way finished and needs to be worked on first and (b) a coat of brown paint on the bench part to hide all the dirt and mud that comes in with these kids!
Here you can see that it is a half mudroom and half laundry room.
And lastly, the only person who loved the laundry sorter from Wal mart was Evan! I though it was possibly the silliest contraption ever! Built to hold about 1 person's clothes! Maybe I should put it together one more time and fill it with clothes and see how much it really holds before I return it.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Fools dinner pics

This is more for cindy, since she asked about Andra's mashed potatoes. Andra called me around noon and told me I needed to do the "fun" dinner. It was really fun to do, although mine didn't come out quite as cute as Andras, but here is my "Brownie and Ice Cream - meatloaf and mashed potatoes" and "Burger and Fries - cake/brownie/sugar cookies"

Great movie reccomendation

Hey -
Thanks for the great movie recommendation - August Rush. Dad and Ramona let us borrow it tonight and we watched it and loved it! It's not often that you see something that clean anymore.
I am just wondering if it is appropriate for the kids.....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

should i graduate?

So, I graduated from High School in 1997.
I dislike dress rehersals. I'm not much for ceremony. I wouldn't have gone if not forced by the powers that bee'd.
In december I got an assocaites degree. The only thing that I kept me from getting my Bachelors degree at the same time was FA 100, the arts attendance requirement.
Done with that now, so I can get my degree.
I get my degree whether or not i "Walk".
My landlord (a professor here) was shocked and says that its something that I have to do.
Who can give me a good enough reason to attend the graduation ceremony? remember the sorting out of stuff at dads house. Sentimentality? I have none.

thanks for the help,