Saturday, November 21, 2009

Looking for a Digital Camera?

If any of you are looking for a true all-in-one digital / video camera for Christmas, Costco has one very similar to mine on sale after Thanksgiving. It's easily pocketable, shoot wide angle, 12X telephoto, and 720p high-def movies. It's $50 cheaper at Costco than anywhere on the web.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Ben Watson Clan in VA

I thought it might be fun for everyone back in UT to see our living arrangements.  We are staying at a Candlewood Suites.  The first two months we were in a One-bedroom suite.  It was great; had a large bathroom, a separate bedroom, food storage, 2 closets, and a view of the lake.  Last Monday the hotel gave us the unlucky news that they would be moving us to a Studio suite on the other side.  The hotel has major water damage on that side.  Anyway,  Cole sleeps in the tiny bathroom and Cali sleeps in a homemade fort at night.  You can see my food storage space is under the table.  We laugh about it because our bedroom back home is bigger than our entire living area.  We are one cozy family!  But......we get to go to places like this everday.

Picnic on the beach

This is Buckroe beach.  So much fun. We go there quite a bit.

Hard to resist

Her pictures were just so cute that I could not resist!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From our primary program

Rachel & Jenna had a starring role in our primary program today. We thought you guys might enjoy seeing their part. (The whole primary sang the 3rd verse with them)

Friday, November 6, 2009


It is 100% official. We have brand new neighbors - a man and his wife- grown children. Really liked the peace and quiet of Genola. Many thanks for all of your prayers and the quiet acts of service on our behalf. A ton of thanks to Dad and Ramona for stepping in and finishing off the small details - curtains, backing for the fireplace, cleaning the ovens, the yard..... I could go on and on......
Hopefully life from here will normalize. Whatever THAT is!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Isaacs Fervent Prayer

First. All these dresses are to be imagined with an adorable perfect stylish bolero jacket for modesty. But. . . Ike is out of school with a sore throat today and I took him dress shopping for my dress for the wedding.
Halfway throught the trying on process I heard him prayin in the corner or the dressing room
Dear Heavenly Father, Please Please PLEASE make it so that in my whole whole WHOLE life I never never NEVER have to go dress shopping again! And please help Lincoln have a good day at school.
By the way, the dress I will probably get looks a lot like the green one one top but WITH sleeves!!!! Will miracles ever cease? The answer is NO. Who would have thought?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Refinery Explosion in Woods Cross

Laila, I just heard about the refinery explosion in Woods Cross- hopefully not near you? Just thought I'd check up on you to make sure you guys were okay...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grampa Luker passed away early Monday morning. He was 95 years old and had been in poor health, with a large aortic aneurysm threatening his life. He has been living with us since last March. On Saturday evening his aneurysm finally gave way.

Thanks to everyone for your kindness to him. He loved your visits. We are having a family and friends reception at the Russon Mortuary, 250 S 200 East, in Salt Lake, on Sunday evening 5:30 until 7:30. The funeral will be in the 29th Ward Bldg, where Grandma Luker's funeral was (1100 W 500 North) in Salt Lake next Monday at noon. We'd love to see anyone who wants to come and stay for the dinner afterwards.

Love to all. Now we might be able to come see you more often!

Monday, November 2, 2009

tastes like chicken


Today I was headed home from taking Lilly to school. I was on the phone and wasn't paying as much attention as I could have but as much as you normally do in normal traffic. However, anyone who has been here has noticed I live past 2 sets of train tracks. Joshy loves it when I go slow over the train tracks so he can look both ways to see if there are any stopped or slow trains. (See, I was paying attention enough to do this little tradition, even without him asking.) However, when I got close to the train track, the train, bing, bing, started. It freaked me out because my front windows were open and it was so loud. I panicked, with the phone still at my ear. Luckily Brent heard all the commotion. Because I panicked I didn't just speed up and race through the intersection, which I would have had plenty of time to do. Nope. I slammed on my brakes instead. That meant I now had to reverse out of the intersection before the train or crossing arm got me. OH, not so lucky! I went into park instead and the arm did indeed come down on the top of the car. That was embarrassing, but then I still had to back the arm slid down, down, down the car. Luckily my car wasn't messed up but I am sure that my antenna didn't appreciate the abuse. All I can say is that I am glad I didn't get smashed by the train! I am sure there is a lesson here to be learned.