Friday, November 20, 2009

The Ben Watson Clan in VA

I thought it might be fun for everyone back in UT to see our living arrangements.  We are staying at a Candlewood Suites.  The first two months we were in a One-bedroom suite.  It was great; had a large bathroom, a separate bedroom, food storage, 2 closets, and a view of the lake.  Last Monday the hotel gave us the unlucky news that they would be moving us to a Studio suite on the other side.  The hotel has major water damage on that side.  Anyway,  Cole sleeps in the tiny bathroom and Cali sleeps in a homemade fort at night.  You can see my food storage space is under the table.  We laugh about it because our bedroom back home is bigger than our entire living area.  We are one cozy family!  But......we get to go to places like this everday.

Picnic on the beach

This is Buckroe beach.  So much fun. We go there quite a bit.


abstowe said...

Maybe if they had started you off in the studio, it would not be so bad. Glad you all are enjoying the scenery. A little bit jealous of all the beach time.
Tell you what - If Jenny gets tired of the cramped quarters, you could, umm, SEND HER AND THE KIDS HOME!!!!!

somestratt said...

On no they didn't! I cannot believe that! Oh they would be on my hit list for sure. As for the outings, they look amazing! Can't wait for you guys to get home!

Cindy said...

looks so cool!

Nathan and Margaret said...

I say that being cozy is an ok thing, and you guys are making it into something wonderful!

Grant Watson said...

Too bad the younglings won't remember any of it. Suzy doesn't remember living in Maryland for 3 months, Monterey for 8 months or about 60 of her trips to Disneyland. She'll occasionally say she remembers stuff, kind of like kids remember coached events on the stand in court.