Sunday, August 31, 2008

And some more...

We thought the car decorators did an especially fine job at the wedding as well! There were dozens of milk jugs tucked under the car, and as they drove away it was really loud as they all skittered down the street behind them. Not to mention all the balloons they had to pop just to get in...!

Also, on an unrelated note, Jeremy and Maria have officially moved in, in case you didn't know. So, if you're looking to find 'em, they'll be setting up shop in our basement for the next...months?

More wedding pics.... (we have thousands!)

Saturday, August 30, 2008 for those of you who weren't there....

Sorry--no time to write anything now, but I thought you would enjoy these....more later!

something you don't want to see.

it made me laugh.
ask your husband/father if you don't get it... or the twins.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I went out wandering

I was out doing a strolling advertising today... In Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
turns out, one can come across some strange things. Please pay particular attention to the last bit of this sign and enjoy.
Your Mission, should you choose to accept it... find the link to the rest of the picture.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok, so this blog may disgust, disturb, frighten, or cause many of you guys feel uneasy, however, I post it out of blog honesty, and in order to liven up this nearly dead blog (only NEARLY due to Sam's new entry.)

And the story goes....

My in-laws are coming in from out of town. In total, we will have 8 extra people in our house. Now, to me that doesn't seem like a huge number. But what did feel a little overwhelming is that 6 of them are spending the nights upstairs. Unfortunately, the only bathroom upstairs is in my bedroom, which during the night will be off limits. This is not only because it is MY bedroom but also because all 3 of my children will be sleeping there as well. This means that any upstairs visitors who happen to need a bathroom in the wee hours of the morning will have to undertake the aurduous journey down the stairs, through the family room, around the coat closet, up the hall, and into the family bathroom on the main floor. For me that is asking a bit much! So, we decided to finish the half bath which we have been using as a closet for the last 18 months. (Can we say it's finally time?)
To make a long story short. There was already a toilet hooked up in this closet/half bathroom, which we drained and moved into a corner of the hallway. Hey, it is going back in tomorrow after all right. To make a long story even shorter.....well, one of the kids didn't quite understand that this toilet is "out of order" and decided to use it several times! NASTY! I only figured it out after searching hi and low for where the incredible stench in my hallway was coming from! When I finally dared peek in the toilet I was accosted by complete grossness! If this wasn't bad enough Brent is camping for the night. Luckily, somehow all the yucky contents seem to be contained.

Currently my mother in law is at the store buying kitty litter in order to help out our situation but seriously people, I am so grossed out I can barely stand it. All I can say is wish me luck....lots and lots of luck (until Brent can completely take care of this particular problem.)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Boredom + Extra Parts = ghetto Fab!

Today, we found out in our shop what happens when you combine an over-active person with some spare parts.
I'd like you to meet my tool box, new and improved.

The CD player you'll notice if you look closely on the left side of the bottom box has been with me for nigh unto 7 years, first in the Mighty Maxima, then the Altima, then my Jeep. CD players are great. I've decided that you can tolerate a number of failings in a player... for instance, if one of the channels of the auxiliary input goes caput, that's ok. On the other hand, though... Beeping when i get out of the car is not okay. i've replaced 2 players now because they did that... yes, i'm slightly spoiled.

The major failing for which this here 400 dollar (MSRP 7 years ago) was removed from my jeep was this: if you own a cd player that won't feed itself, you've got problems. for a few months, i had to coax the CD in with a screw driver turned perpendicular to the disk, and out with a set of needle nose pliers.
So, i replaced it... Keeping tools on hand and trying to work with them while driving at super-legal speeds isn't smart... but keeping tools on hand IN A TOOL BOX and using them WHILE STANDING STILL seemed a good option to me. As did canabalizing the speakers (ghetto, eh?) from the shop system that would no longer open or close the cd tray, or play cd's or casettes at all. Somehow, a matchbox car was also inserted into one of the speakers too... Not too worried about it.
So, I'm excited that my Toolbox will now play CDs, MP3's, WMA's, and is completely mobile with it's very own 12 volt battery. Yeah. hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chore Time!!!

So this one day I asked all the big kids to do some chores. . .
And I found out, this is the natural reaction that teenagers have to chore time. . .

All of these naps were taking place at the same time, in the same room, and lasted a very long time. And no, there was no where for anyone else to sit down. Hmmm. I am thinking of selling this idea to a pharmaceutical company for a lot of money. Hmph.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I just thought I'd post a cute picture that happens off and on around here! Of course, those of you who were at the bridal shower for Cindy Lynn got a first hand look at the strip down. They are so cute, thought - it is hard to get too upset!
Any guesses as to what is holding their attention?

Friday, August 15, 2008

MOVIE recomendation, along the line of August Rush

Just wanted to put this up for everyone, We saw this Movie this evening. It is an independent film that won the Best picture in Toronto back in '07 I think. It really is an amazing movie with a really beautiful moral. It was meant to break hispanic stereotypes but goes FAR beyond stereotype shifting. We give it an 8.5 however as far as movies go it really does come off as a movie EVERYONE should see. Life lessons and such. Spectacular acting. Beautiful direction. And a moral to the story that Hollywood as a whole needs to sit up and take note of. Hope you all enjoy Bella

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can I just say "Phelps"

Okay, this is especially for Sam and Jeremy...but have you guys made sure to keep up with Michael Phelps this olympics? He is AMAZING to watch! The swimming is amazing to watch. Talk about your heart racing even though you're sitting being a couch potato! I wonder if that could be counted as cardiovascular exercise?? And Cindy, you have got to go to and see if you can find the chinese womens synchronized diving. We only thought we knew what amazing diving was! Anyways. I am having fun, especially with the Phelps domination! Go USA!!!

So, the little old house keeps looking better. Just thought I would send a new picture for all of you not living in Utah! If the credit check goes through today, we could have new renters by the end of the week. A newly married couple in their 70's who insist the kids call them grandma and grandpa noodle.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

something you don't want to see.

I was working my first week with Rex's Auto Body when i came across this.
I am sure this is something that no one wants to see... but i just had to take a picture, to help us understand that it's not as bad for us as it might seem.
Enjoy the Gas Prices.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We wrote a big thing on our blog letting everyone know, but it got deleted, when Tried to cut and paste to this blog. and I dont want to re-write it.SO IT IS AVAILABLE ON OUR BLOG!!! WE HAVING A BABY!!!!!! check our blog for BOY or GIRL!!!! we love you guys.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Magic

Monday i updated my resume, and called Bro Spratling (one of my teachers here at BYU-Idaho) to see if he knew of any openings. Interviews and resumes abounded for a week, waiting.
One week after my Rug Pulling, i went back out to the upholstery shop where I used to work. This i did, not to get my last years job back, but because I was so bored of the internet and TV that i was looking for anything to do, for free even.
As i was telling the old boss why i was so bored, his nephew, Rex came up to hear about the occurrence. He wasn't the first person to sound completely shocked that I got Fired. kinda makes me feel good to have people that know me well... well they have trouble believing that a company would let me go.
I headed out to change clothes, got a call from one of the placed i'd dropped a resume, and interviewed... whilst talking to that employer, Rex of Rex's Auto Body Repair called back.
When I was done, Rex offered me a job. Said he needed someone to... Advertise, run the front office, answer the phones,keep track of the books, build bids on customer work, and basically do whatever it was that Rex has been doing that has kept him from actually doing body work with his other employee.
Sitting there, i was thinking... that list of duties sounds suspiciously like a Service Adviser. that, and a shop manager kind of.
So, after one week, and immense boredom, a new job fell into my lap. not so much from my resume dropping, but from my "networking". Nice huh?

Kind of Like Magic-

Ever seen someone attempt to pull the table cloth out from under a completely set table? This is a variation on that trick.
Monday morning while Lots O Watson's were wakening at the beach (assuming you woke up just before 10) I got the rug pulled viciously out from under me.
I went out to work, and found my service manager there. He said we're doing something different. My first assumption was maybe some ADVERTISING, or maybe hiring A TECHNICIAN, since after all, i hadn't had one in a month.... but no. Instead of advertising, and employing a technician... he hired a guy that had run his own shop... and failed. Not really failed. Lost his lease on his shop space here in Rexburg, moved north and his clients didn't follow. So, he was given my job. Nice, huh?
6 months as a service adviser, no training to speak of, no tech, and maybe 6 days of oversight... and i'm looking for a new job.
Cool, eh?
To be continued. I do this so you can tell me (as everyone else has) how dirty and under professional this seems to you. it turns out i am the least annoyed person in this situation.

Friday, August 1, 2008

More Wildlife Photos

So, this baby with man legs appeared on the beach one morning...
...And then there was this creepy guy who showed up at the reunion. Must have crawled in from the ocean or something.
And then I don't know what to make of this one. Part beach bum, part Chinese foreign exchange student?
And the gators! They were EVERYWHERE! Our spot of beach was nearly covered in them. There was plenty to see, you just needed to make sure you kept a safe distance!