Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Magic

Monday i updated my resume, and called Bro Spratling (one of my teachers here at BYU-Idaho) to see if he knew of any openings. Interviews and resumes abounded for a week, waiting.
One week after my Rug Pulling, i went back out to the upholstery shop where I used to work. This i did, not to get my last years job back, but because I was so bored of the internet and TV that i was looking for anything to do, for free even.
As i was telling the old boss why i was so bored, his nephew, Rex came up to hear about the occurrence. He wasn't the first person to sound completely shocked that I got Fired. kinda makes me feel good to have people that know me well... well they have trouble believing that a company would let me go.
I headed out to change clothes, got a call from one of the placed i'd dropped a resume, and interviewed... whilst talking to that employer, Rex of Rex's Auto Body Repair called back.
When I was done, Rex offered me a job. Said he needed someone to... Advertise, run the front office, answer the phones,keep track of the books, build bids on customer work, and basically do whatever it was that Rex has been doing that has kept him from actually doing body work with his other employee.
Sitting there, i was thinking... that list of duties sounds suspiciously like a Service Adviser. that, and a shop manager kind of.
So, after one week, and immense boredom, a new job fell into my lap. not so much from my resume dropping, but from my "networking". Nice huh?


somestratt said...

Yeay Sam. I can't believe what your old boss pulled on you, but one week lag time between jobs, especially in a small town is not bad at all.

Cindy said...

Sam--we're total believers in networking here--that's how Russ got his last 2 jobs. I'm so happy for you guys that Heavenly Father is obviously looking out for you...

Cindy said...

The same thing happened to Mahon... only he has not got rehired yet, ugh. The Rexburg job market is kind of a nightmare.

Grant Watson said...

The Army is still hiring. You can even have your old job back.