Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kind of Like Magic-

Ever seen someone attempt to pull the table cloth out from under a completely set table? This is a variation on that trick.
Monday morning while Lots O Watson's were wakening at the beach (assuming you woke up just before 10) I got the rug pulled viciously out from under me.
I went out to work, and found my service manager there. He said we're doing something different. My first assumption was maybe some ADVERTISING, or maybe hiring A TECHNICIAN, since after all, i hadn't had one in a month.... but no. Instead of advertising, and employing a technician... he hired a guy that had run his own shop... and failed. Not really failed. Lost his lease on his shop space here in Rexburg, moved north and his clients didn't follow. So, he was given my job. Nice, huh?
6 months as a service adviser, no training to speak of, no tech, and maybe 6 days of oversight... and i'm looking for a new job.
Cool, eh?
To be continued. I do this so you can tell me (as everyone else has) how dirty and under professional this seems to you. it turns out i am the least annoyed person in this situation.


Nathan & Margaret said...

Sam, this is so completely lame. I really want to know where the nepitism is in this story!!! Whos daddy is best friends with whos uncle!!!!

I am Sam said...

dont think thats the case here. just incompetent management.