Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy!

I am going to get a little jump on Jeffro and his handy electronic equipment and say

"Happy Birthday Cindy!!!!"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Christmas Gift Exchange

Twas a month before Christmas, and all through the country, all the Watson's were stirring (even the ones who married into new families and whose last names are no longer Watson.)

And me in Philadelphia, and Andra in her bath decided it was time for a long winters nap...

Of course...we all have lots of children and it is a month before Christmas so instead we thought that it was time to post this years Watson Christmas gift exchange list. YIPPY!!! So, here you go. Have fun and keep the costs low.

Cindy has Val
Margaret has Andra
Val has Ben
Andra has Grant
Ben has Jeff
Grant has Laila
Jeff has Sam
Laila has Jeremy
Sam has Cindy
Jeremy has Margaret

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guess who looks a lot like our baby sister especially through the eyes! Hint - it is not Edward

Bob's tractor pics

Laila, here are Bob's tractor pictures. I think he was just trying to stage the pictures to look like the one his parents had of him and his siblings.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's a big, huge tracto !!!

This is going to turn into one of Matthew's Christmas presents. He is sooooo in love with tractors at this point that I am truly wishing I still had Robby and John's old wallpaper back! For one of his presents, I am taking this shot and making it poster sized. Then I will be taking other tractor pictures from our house building experience and making them 8X10 or 4X6 putting them into dollar store frames and putting them on his wall. I think he will love it!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How can you be mad at this?

Hunter is growing up so fast. He'll be seven next year and he is just too cute. Today he was practicing magic tricks and was so excited. Not to say he doesn't have some less desirable times, but we love him imperfections and all. Last Sunday we had some friends to dinner and all the sudden Hunter starts yelling. As he was sitting up on the bar and I was down at the table when I took the time to walk around to assess the situation this is what I found! Believe it or not I actually thought "hey, I should take a picture of this one!" And so I did. Somehow he had pounded the jelly jar just hard enough to make the bottom completely fall out. He seemed dumbfounded. He still wanted to eat the jam with his roll, and I had to explain to him why that wouldn't be a good idea. Oh Hunter! One day he'll will be a teenager, taller than me, and most likely still wanting to eat jelly off the counter top!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

most likely to

just a quick question...
Who in the family is most likely to do this?
just wondering...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hey Folks,

Today being Veteran's Day, we just wanted to give a great big THANKS! to Grant, Ben, and Sam for having the courage to go into harm's way to protect not only our family and friends, but the whole United States of America! And to help the whole world be a safer place! You guys are awesome, and we love you more than we can say!


DAD and Ramona

Monday, November 10, 2008

good news

Hi. I found some good news today, thanks to a question from dad.
Tires. yes, since no one else is looking or posting, i'll tell you all the news:
Firestone (my employer) never saw what's comming. Can you believe they offer a Family and Friends discount of 10% over cost??? Even if it was just Family, it could destroy them... they are employing the wrong guy to offer a family discount.
But since they are, feel free to come up and get awe inspiring deals on tires worth having.
Just FYI, the savings for my rig was about 250 dollars at my discount... that would be only 210 dollars at your discount. hope this can help someone.. sorry Cindy, Marg and Laila... i think the money would be lost in the fuel expense...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week 1 at Farstone

I guess since i'm a shop man again, i can type with a redneck accent.
Monday, paperwork and reading company manuals.
Tuesday, useless because i had no password for the computer, and the other front end guy was way busy compensating for my uselessness.
Wednesday: Password found, basic training on computer, and the job didn't seem so bad.
Thursday: Hey, this is easy! One of my techs didn't have anything to work on, so I decided it was time for Jeepy to get an oil change. and a Complete Vehicle Inspection. Turns out my Last tech didn't inspect the brake components when we did brake pads, and the rotors are worn out. Dont feel to angry at him... last week i changed the rear brake shoes and didn't check the drums... they were also outside their safety margin... and the tires... well, my favorite tires were worn out. good news, I work at a tire shop, and get a wicked deal on the best all terrain tire on the market.
Friday: Hungry. decided i'd give the shop my lunch hour in a trade for an hour earlier release for good behavior. 3:50 taco bell, 3:32 I-15 North, 6pm, Home to Emily!!!

One interesting occurance this week. this here picture is of 3 of the double lug nuts from a medium duty Isuzu truck. came in missing 2 lug studs completely, and these are 3 of the ones that were held on ONLY by being sandwitched between the dual wheels. The wheels of this delivery truck on the right rear were held on by ONE lug nut. our first estimate to fix: just over 11 hundred dollars for PARTS!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

AZ costumes

Tink and Captain Adorable. Cali can and does wear this (also last years suit) 24-7. Cuteness. Jenny made the cape for Cole out of blankets we found in his ship that crashed from the planet Cutron that velcroed tactically out of view. Cole had actually been flying around in this picture, but since he doesn't have walking down yet, I had to catch him on landing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Will they blend?

We were wondering if these kids could be mixed in with Cali and Cole? Would people believe that they were siblings?