Thursday, November 6, 2008

AZ costumes

Tink and Captain Adorable. Cali can and does wear this (also last years suit) 24-7. Cuteness. Jenny made the cape for Cole out of blankets we found in his ship that crashed from the planet Cutron that velcroed tactically out of view. Cole had actually been flying around in this picture, but since he doesn't have walking down yet, I had to catch him on landing.


somestratt said...

Ben, you kids are seriously adorable! We got a princess dress for Lilly last year, on sale after haloween and then gave it to her for Christmas. She played in it throughout the year and then wore it FOR haloween this year! I got another one after halloween this year for Christmas this year. Yeay for dress ups and cute girls!

abstowe said...

It looks as if you were taking those pictures in Hawaii!
This was truly the first year my kids have not trick or treated in their winter coats. Not Hawaii, but not frigid Utah weather either..
We'll save that weather for when Ben and Jenny come back!