Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silly kids

So Amber and I took a nice Sunday nap today only to wake up with matching copies of these emails in our inboxes. All emails were addressed from me and to me. Apparently Elaina figured out how to use Mail app on the iPad I am testing for work.

Email #1

What Elaina wants for her B-Day!
> Kindle/nook
> Cell phone ( iPhone?)
> Aqua/light blue bike
> DSi points
> NO SWIM TEAM!!!! >:()
> Webkinz (mouse, dragon, or Mazin' Hamster
> TV in my room ;)
> Sleepover w/ Savannah & Lee Anne
> BIG B-day cake
> other enjoyable things
Sent from my iPad

Email #2

Just so you can ponder and think about what I want in 2 months!
Sent from my iPad

Email #3

So just converse with mom about this matter. She got a list too.
Sent from my iPad

What a funny girl!


Callis is gaining weight like he should. Kate and Jake are both enjoying feeding and taking care of him.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

BIG NEWS, of the 2nd baby Variety.

Were EXPECTING!!!!!! and we thought you all should know. Pictures to come. Due date on Addie 2.0 August 30th. We love you guys and Addie has been such a pleasure we decided its time to kick this up a notch. Love you guys. Jeremy and Maria.

In other news:
We are asking if this coming Fast Sunday if you guys would fast for Addie. Her surgery will be March 17. The doctor says there is a possibility she will need another but if we could keep it to one we would like that.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cole, Cal, tomato, tomato

The hearth might be dirty
And there are toys on the floor
The child who swept the night before may, in fact
have been blind

But for a moment
there is sheer happiness

Because I adore these boys
who make things dirty
who leave toys on the floor
and who have not learned to sweep well

Today, I am counting my blessings!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We figured it out

We finally figured out how to get lots and lots of time with Dad & Ramona, and it has been SO MUCH FUN!

Find a new allergy treatment in your town for Dad that requires multiple visits.  Offer them a bed and food.  It's been so great!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Diet Soda Study

I don't know why I though this was so funny but I watched it like 30 times and couldn't stop laughing... I mean, did she not know the camera was there???

Monday, February 7, 2011

For those of you who didn't know Cal (and parents) spent 4+ days at the UK hospital where Cal received IV fluids for dehydration, Billi lights for jaundice and many many heel pricks for blood tests. He also had some swelling around his neck that the docs never identified. The experience was less than enjoyable for all involved. We were released Thursday afternoon. Cal has been gaining weight, eating, sleeping and doing his other business as he should. He sleeps a great deal which we had always heard about but never experienced. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!