Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silly kids

So Amber and I took a nice Sunday nap today only to wake up with matching copies of these emails in our inboxes. All emails were addressed from me and to me. Apparently Elaina figured out how to use Mail app on the iPad I am testing for work.

Email #1

What Elaina wants for her B-Day!
> Kindle/nook
> Cell phone ( iPhone?)
> Aqua/light blue bike
> DSi points
> NO SWIM TEAM!!!! >:()
> Webkinz (mouse, dragon, or Mazin' Hamster
> TV in my room ;)
> Sleepover w/ Savannah & Lee Anne
> BIG B-day cake
> other enjoyable things
Sent from my iPad

Email #2

Just so you can ponder and think about what I want in 2 months!
Sent from my iPad

Email #3

So just converse with mom about this matter. She got a list too.
Sent from my iPad

What a funny girl!


Cindy said...

That is so awesome! My kids are into emailing too, though not using words like "converse"!

phillystratton2 said...

It is really amazing how old she is getting...and obviously smart too!

Val, just Val said...

Jeff, that is awesome! Nice little mind she has working there.

Nathan and Margaret said...

I love that! I love where she said "other enjoyable things" and "just converse with mom on this matter!" She sounds like a very tiny attorney!!!!

Nathan and Margaret said...

yeah, theres definitely thinking happening. That deserves a kindle and and iphone, doesn't it??????

abstowe said...

Elaina is obviously exposed to MUCH more technology than my kids are! Mine have never heard of some of these devices! I think, when it is her birthday, as a gag gift, you should just cut pictures out of magazines, and glue them on a poster for her, before handing out her real presents!