Saturday, February 28, 2009

"While You Where Out"

While Brent was in Utah, I asked around and had some friends over to help install some crown molding in our front room. There is an old drop ceiling which is actually kind of cool, but it needed a good molding between it and the walls. The Laurels also wanted to do a service project so they got to repaint the room (the one that came anyways!) So here is the final look, although the room is still not all the way put back together. One room to go...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I need advice!!!


There is a chance that we are moving, so I need some advice. Our house is 3/4 bedrooms. 3 are upstairs, and one is on the main level, sharing a hallways with a full bathroom. If you were buying a house would you like to see that room presented as a 4th/guest bedroom, or an office???

Monday, February 23, 2009

Addie's Blessing Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday with Jeremy and Maria and little Addie. Her blessing day! Addie was in good form, never even whimpering the entire meeting, even after being passed around to everyone. Not a hair on her little head was disturbed!

Afterwards we met at Jeff and Amber's for a scrumptious luncheon of homemade soup, salads, and sandwiches. Thanks to Maria's sisters for their hard work and preparations.

It was great to sit around afterwards just visiting, as the Watson bunch really knows how to do! Here's a few pictures of the memorable day.

The proud Mama and Papa (MANY months earlier, tee hee hee!)

Andra created a masterpiece cake just for Addie!

Little Elizabeth had to plant a big kiss on her little new cousin!

Matthew wanted to take her home with him!

After all was said and done, entirely too much was said and done! She's out!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hunter is such a cutey! Yesterday he did this homework for school and was so proud that he wanted to take a picture of it and "put it on the blog." When I asked him which blog he said "all of them, for everyone to see!" That is funny, since last time I took a picture concerning Hunter he stated "And don't put it on the blog!" I guess that is because in that one he was naked in the bathtub covered with a spotted rash!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best BABYFACE Ever!!!!!

So im sorry to do it but we took some pictures today trying to get a cake photo

This picture Was just SO FANTASTIC we had to share it.

We love you all and Addie continues to be a delight to raise She is however

VERY VERY SCARED, or Excited, or mad, your call what do you think this face means?

Love you all Jeremy Maria and Addie

Monday, February 9, 2009

Thanks to dad!

When dad came he did many things for me. The first and most important was helping me while I had the flu. YUCK! Next came the "leveling" of my side-by-side light switches. When they were installed one was about one inch lower than the other and a bit crocked! Not only did dad fix that, but his preliminary drywall work helped me make a seemless finish (something I cannot see to do myself!) Thanks so much Dad for your visit, and to Ramona for letting me have him.

On a side note. Brent is flying to Utah from the 17-24 for interviews. He already has two set up (just from today) so hopefully it will be a fruitful visit for him!



Just wanted to let you all know that we are blessing Addy on the 22nd of Feb. Our church starts at 12:30 and fills up pretty quickly it is the church running east-west and we are in the WEST chapel of that building the address is 710 E 800S in Orem

This picture is However NOT us blessing Addie, it is her bath and yes she is so dang CUTE its rediculous. BTW

SO AS NOT TO MONOPILIZE the family blog we have posted MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of pictures on our blog so if you wanna see cute pics of Addie jump to our blog there are several pages of cute to be had.

We are planing on having a family LUNCH at JEFF's HOUSE since our appt is a small 2 bedroom and my 6 siblings and their 30 offspring + marias 3 siblings and their 7 siblings are likely to not all fit in at a time. So Jeff has been kind enough to offer us his place.

WE LOVE YOU ALL. Jeremy and Maria

Friday, February 6, 2009

In case you were wondering. I passed. Then I passed out. My mock calls for Carnival were today and they were supposed to take an hour and a half. We were to do 10 scenarios and the teacher said that we would probably get through only 7 of them. I was finished in just under an hour with all ten. This had me feeling pretty good about myself. From that point, I was sent to answer live calls.(ie get paid). Here I was feeling so great about my newfound skills and WHAM!!! Back to back calls from agents, some who speak great english, some not so great, some wanting this, others wanting that for 3 solid hours.
This picture represents just what happened to me at the end of the work session today. Hopefully, it will not be so bad next week. I am scheduled 4 hours a day M-F. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Somehow, this snuck up on me during the night. Cindy is now afraid to come over. I hope Jeremy and Maria are afraid to come over. Me, I am afraid to be here too!
This being said, the party was going to be moved to Jeff's house, but alas, Carter has strep.
I think we have it in for us. All parties are off until the germs have gone back to where they came from!
I am sad not to get to see Cindy and especially not to get to see Addie!!!
Guess Cindy Lynn does not have to be jealous anymore!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Come See Me!

I know that's an invitation that no one can refuse, especially if it's accompanied by dessert. I am going to be at Andra's house tomorrow night and would love it if everyone could come for dessert. Andra had said earlier that we would do birthday cake for LeighAnn, but I see that her birthday really is a week away. So perhaps not. But one way or another, we will have something sweet to eat tomorrow night. I should be there by 5:30 or 6 and hope to see everyone who can make it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

quoteable quotes

I find quotes to be interetaining.
I would like to post a quote a day... until i run out of bizarre things to post. should it be here or on my and Ems blog???
The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't. - Douglas Adams

Any good guesses?

Hunter has been under the weather with a fever as of the past day or he has this...any takers on what it is???