Monday, February 9, 2009



Just wanted to let you all know that we are blessing Addy on the 22nd of Feb. Our church starts at 12:30 and fills up pretty quickly it is the church running east-west and we are in the WEST chapel of that building the address is 710 E 800S in Orem

This picture is However NOT us blessing Addie, it is her bath and yes she is so dang CUTE its rediculous. BTW

SO AS NOT TO MONOPILIZE the family blog we have posted MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of pictures on our blog so if you wanna see cute pics of Addie jump to our blog there are several pages of cute to be had.

We are planing on having a family LUNCH at JEFF's HOUSE since our appt is a small 2 bedroom and my 6 siblings and their 30 offspring + marias 3 siblings and their 7 siblings are likely to not all fit in at a time. So Jeff has been kind enough to offer us his place.

WE LOVE YOU ALL. Jeremy and Maria


abstowe said...

We will plan to be there. Can we bring any food?

Cindy said...

Wish I could be there...I will think of you guys from the top of the volcano in MAUI!!!

Apache Watsons said...
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Jeremy and Maria said...

Maria says that she has everything covered except for dessert. If you want to bring that, that would be great.

abstowe said...

we would love to bring some dessert. A very large cake with a picture of your cute baby on it! Will you email me your absolute favorite pic with the very best resolution so I can make it into an 8X10?