Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Somehow, this snuck up on me during the night. Cindy is now afraid to come over. I hope Jeremy and Maria are afraid to come over. Me, I am afraid to be here too!
This being said, the party was going to be moved to Jeff's house, but alas, Carter has strep.
I think we have it in for us. All parties are off until the germs have gone back to where they came from!
I am sad not to get to see Cindy and especially not to get to see Addie!!!
Guess Cindy Lynn does not have to be jealous anymore!


somestratt said...

I really like the picture!

abstowe said...

I thought it was pretty descriptive. Too bad it is affecting my voice and I have my test calls tomorrow. Send a few extra prayers my way that I will still be able to speak. Meanwhile I am drinking herb tea with honey and lemon.

Nathan and Margaret said...

you have to blog and let us know how the test calls go. I know you are going to be great!!!