Monday, February 23, 2009

Addie's Blessing Day

We had a wonderful day yesterday with Jeremy and Maria and little Addie. Her blessing day! Addie was in good form, never even whimpering the entire meeting, even after being passed around to everyone. Not a hair on her little head was disturbed!

Afterwards we met at Jeff and Amber's for a scrumptious luncheon of homemade soup, salads, and sandwiches. Thanks to Maria's sisters for their hard work and preparations.

It was great to sit around afterwards just visiting, as the Watson bunch really knows how to do! Here's a few pictures of the memorable day.

The proud Mama and Papa (MANY months earlier, tee hee hee!)

Andra created a masterpiece cake just for Addie!

Little Elizabeth had to plant a big kiss on her little new cousin!

Matthew wanted to take her home with him!

After all was said and done, entirely too much was said and done! She's out!


somestratt said...

Ramona! That last picture is priceless! Thanks for the post. Unfortunately I thought the blessing was last week (because of Jeremy's picture last week of Addie) because Brent and Joshy were in Orem at his cousins baby blessing! Only a few more days until I get my men back here! We miss you guys!

Jeremy and Maria said...

Thank you so much for Posting this. And Everyone thank you for coming. We love you all.

abstowe said...

I sure do hate it that I don't have the ability to make a straight line! That cake would have really looked a lot better if there had been a straight line across the top of that picture!

abstowe said...

and by the way, if you zoom in on the picture of Matthew and Addie, you will see that Jeremy and Maria really should donate Addie to the "not enough Stowe Grilz" cause, as she looks a LOT like a Stowe! Except for the blue eyes, that is.....