Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hunter is such a cutey! Yesterday he did this homework for school and was so proud that he wanted to take a picture of it and "put it on the blog." When I asked him which blog he said "all of them, for everyone to see!" That is funny, since last time I took a picture concerning Hunter he stated "And don't put it on the blog!" I guess that is because in that one he was naked in the bathtub covered with a spotted rash!


abstowe said...

Hunter's homework is precious. Tell him that Aunt Andra has a 1st grader too, and I can tell that he is really working very hard to make his numbers and letters very neatly. He should be very proud of himself!

Nathan and Margaret said...

Hey Hunter. That is really good homework! Its neat and you got everything right. Guess what. You color better than Levi even though he is ten year OLDER than you!!!!! You did super good.