Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week 1 at Farstone

I guess since i'm a shop man again, i can type with a redneck accent.
Monday, paperwork and reading company manuals.
Tuesday, useless because i had no password for the computer, and the other front end guy was way busy compensating for my uselessness.
Wednesday: Password found, basic training on computer, and the job didn't seem so bad.
Thursday: Hey, this is easy! One of my techs didn't have anything to work on, so I decided it was time for Jeepy to get an oil change. and a Complete Vehicle Inspection. Turns out my Last tech didn't inspect the brake components when we did brake pads, and the rotors are worn out. Dont feel to angry at him... last week i changed the rear brake shoes and didn't check the drums... they were also outside their safety margin... and the tires... well, my favorite tires were worn out. good news, I work at a tire shop, and get a wicked deal on the best all terrain tire on the market.
Friday: Hungry. decided i'd give the shop my lunch hour in a trade for an hour earlier release for good behavior. 3:50 taco bell, 3:32 I-15 North, 6pm, Home to Emily!!!

One interesting occurance this week. this here picture is of 3 of the double lug nuts from a medium duty Isuzu truck. came in missing 2 lug studs completely, and these are 3 of the ones that were held on ONLY by being sandwitched between the dual wheels. The wheels of this delivery truck on the right rear were held on by ONE lug nut. our first estimate to fix: just over 11 hundred dollars for PARTS!!!

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somestratt said...

Yep, that estimate sounds like mechanic talk all right