Thursday, August 7, 2008

something you don't want to see.

I was working my first week with Rex's Auto Body when i came across this.
I am sure this is something that no one wants to see... but i just had to take a picture, to help us understand that it's not as bad for us as it might seem.
Enjoy the Gas Prices.


abstowe said...


This is exactly why Bob is attending a class next week on how to install natural gas into vehicles.
Our major blessing of the week is that the city has agreed to pay for all but 300 of the 2,000 dollar class. Yeah! I guess there are some benefits to being a mechanic?

Nathan & Margaret said...

I think the tank reflects close to current prices. If you get 226 gallons for 999 dollars, then you are paying a little over 4 dollars a gallon. You just have a really really big car!!!!!
And yeah on the city paying for their class!!!! They probably want their vehicles converted too!!!!!

I am Sam said...

this guy was filling the road crew mobile tank in the back of the truck... so it wasn't his money. I have just never seen someone pour a thousand dollars through a fuel pump... i'm sure our truck drivers might have seen it... but wow... I never thought to see the pump stop at a thousand dollars.
Do you realize that is what i paid for my Jeep???!!!???
of course, some quick math tells me that i've put twice that much in it for fuel since buying it... oops!

Cindy said...

One of the highlights of our trip--paying $3.53/gallon for gas in Eastern Missouri!