Friday, August 15, 2008

MOVIE recomendation, along the line of August Rush

Just wanted to put this up for everyone, We saw this Movie this evening. It is an independent film that won the Best picture in Toronto back in '07 I think. It really is an amazing movie with a really beautiful moral. It was meant to break hispanic stereotypes but goes FAR beyond stereotype shifting. We give it an 8.5 however as far as movies go it really does come off as a movie EVERYONE should see. Life lessons and such. Spectacular acting. Beautiful direction. And a moral to the story that Hollywood as a whole needs to sit up and take note of. Hope you all enjoy Bella

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Grant Watson said...

I can only give it a 3.215 due to the serious nature of the way I rate my own feelings and the way other people might be swayed by my minute discretionary incrementations in a nominal and arbitrary number system.

Iron Man was a 10.894321, though. Crushing super hero barriers by the womanizing genius stereotypical goatee wearer.