Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Can I just say "Phelps"

Okay, this is especially for Sam and Jeremy...but have you guys made sure to keep up with Michael Phelps this olympics? He is AMAZING to watch! The swimming is amazing to watch. Talk about your heart racing even though you're sitting being a couch potato! I wonder if that could be counted as cardiovascular exercise?? And Cindy, you have got to go to http://beijing2008.ne1.net and see if you can find the chinese womens synchronized diving. We only thought we knew what amazing diving was! Anyways. I am having fun, especially with the Phelps domination! Go USA!!!


abstowe said...

must be nice to watch the olympics......
If only we had an antenna

Jeremy and Maria said...

WE are watching it on NBC.com. you can only watch what they put online but that is ALOT!!. as for Phelps. JUST to give everyone an idea

my 50 freestyle time was 22.24, they are swimming it in the 17s

my 100 freestyle was 58.00. the other day phelp's entire relay put down 100's around 47's

and swimming a 4 x 200 relay... SO 800 meters in under 7 mimutes!!!!!!! what was that all about.

Anyways. they are so freakeshly better than good its absurd, and Phelps. Well all I can say about that is so far. 11 well deserved golds.

I am Sam said...

my favorite was the 4X100 free relay.
not because Phelps rocks (he does) but because the french trash talking team got super-duper-told.
Lezak.... holy cow. heres a super cool graphic on the race, for those that are not yet in awe.

somestratt said...

Sam, I agree about that anchor on that relay. Was that Lezak? You could just see, especially in that last 15m how every stroke was packed with power...how he noticeably pushed past the other team with every stoke. I have been there...swimming an anchor position like that. What an amazing experience!

AmShaZam said...

I LOVE the Olympics! Jeff and I have a hard enough time going to bed as it is, but since the Olympics started, it's so much worse. We are such junkies that Jeff will bring his laptop in while we're watching, so that during commercials, we can watch what we've missed during the day on nbc.com!

Cindy said...

I've been so sad that we've been traveling & missed everything so far. But now we're not driving all day & half the night, we can watch something, online at least!

somestratt said...

Amber, my sentiments exactly. I am getting more and more tired and crabby, but have such a hard time going to sleep because of what I will miss. I missed Phelps last race last night, and 11th career gold and am wishing I had seen it. HOpefully I will find it on the net somewhere. But, right now it is not quite 9:30 and I am heading to bed. My body is calling it quits on the Olympics for tonight.

I am Sam said...

I can't believe he actually pulled it off.
But props to Lezak, the anchor.

somestratt said...

Jeremy, I am glad to see that they didn't actually swim 17 second 50 frees. At the same time it makes me think (as it would with you)"hey, I only swam 3 years, and my times were only 1-1.5 seconds off of Olympic gold. Maybe I should try to be the next Delores Torres." That would take alot of time and effort.