Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just to Impress My Brothers

Last night Brent and I went on a double date with a couple from our ward. First we went out for some Thai food, and then went shooting. WE joked afterwards that it was fun, how usually instead of sitting down at a nice restaurant all we get in is a "drive by!"

The second picture is what happens when you are a horrible shot (which I wasn't, by the way!) I thought at least Ben and Grant would really enjoy this .


abstowe said...

Hey, it looks as if you had a really good time!
Remember - they do not allow guns on the airplane!

somestratt said...

Unfortunately the guns are the other couples, not ours. And yes, I am holding a 9MM in the first picture.

Cindy said...

wow--that's some date! ;)

Nathan & Margaret said...

Laila, you are really adorable! I am thinking dinner and a movie. But I am not sure which order!