Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No toothpaste filled oreos for us this year! Instead, we had cake for dinner (meatloaf topped by mashed potato "frosting")
For dessert we had hamburgers and French fries. The hamburgers were mini cakes baked in tuna sized cans. The patties were brownies, the pickles were really sliced kiwi, the catsup and mustard were frosting and the fries were long sugar cookies.
Fun, hunnh? Can you say sugar rush?
I had a friend come over and bake with me all during nap time and it was definitely worth the effort!


Sam.. and Emily said...

You, my dear sister Andra, are so wierd.
love you though. i remember the oreo cookies.
i also have a vauge memory about a sandwich with a bunch of pocket change in it.
yes, wierd.

somestratt said...

Andra, yours turned out so great! The icing is perfect!!! I am slightly envious, but mine were decent. We'll have to try it again when Hunter is 14 or so. I love the looks on your kids faces. How did dad and Ramona like them?

Cindy said...

Andra, you are the coolest and most fun mom. I want to be like you when I grow up...and when I stop spending my spare time driving back and forth to the hospital... :(

Jeannie said...

That is sooooo cool!
I tried to do part of that one year but it was just too much work! That was a great idea to do that with a friend! Do you have a picture of the meatloaf and potatoes?

abstowe said...

Jeannie - My friend and I really did have a great time cooking and scheming together! We worked during nap time so that none of the kids had a clue. The meatloaf was another story - they all saw me cooking it and the mashed potatoes, and I really did not take time to make it pretty, just spread the potatoes over the 9X13 pan of meatloaf and wrote on it with catsup.
I could have gotten really fancy and used a frosting bag and tips, but I used all my energy and child-less time on the hamburgers!

AmShaZam said...

Those are amazing! I've never seen that before and it is so cool! Andra, you're awesome!