Friday, April 18, 2008

am i trying too hard?

years ago i decided that there are things i would not do. things that could in no way be helpful to a relationship. As far as i know, Emily has never heard me that this or that woman is beautiful. And i can say this because its been a long time since i've said anything about anyone. Em doesn't need that to worry her at night, and i don't need to plant that seed in myself, do i?
I bring this up because today at work, the guys wanted me to pick which of the ms. idaho chicks was more up my alley, and they can't believe that i won't even choose one.
Fellas? tell me i'm retarded or something.
Ladies, tell me i'm out of my mind and it couldn't hurt.
Em, I love.
thanks, and tell me what you think.


somestratt said...

Sam, I think you have a great thing going. Yes, we all know that there are more and less attractive people out there, however, since we all know it we don't need to point out the specifics to our spouses (or others). All they need (our spouses or others)to know is that they are the best there could ever be, even in their faults, because they are just right for us (individually.) No one needs their spouse to point out that there chest isn,t as big as the newest movies star, or the girl next door, and no on needs to wonder (or know) if the guy next door really hot. All I want to know is that Brent thinks that I am perfect for him, even in the things that I lack, or still need to learn.

Cindy said...

Sam, I think we've seen in our lives that one spouses innocent comments can really cause pain to the other spouse. So hats off to you for making a decision to prevent that from happening in your marriage.

I've never heard Russ make a comment about another woman's looks, and if I happen to find a movie star attractive (which doesn't happen often) I try not to drool in front of him.

It's probably much more important to me now with the battle scars of having had 6 children that he is sensitive in this way--he still talks and acts as if he thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. What an awesome man...

AmShaZam said...

I think you're right on the money. No woman needs any more self-image pressure than she already has, and especially not from her husband. A good standard Jeff and I have is akin to the golden rule: would you appreciate it if Emily talked up other guys in that way? Chances are, probably not.