Monday, April 14, 2008

When pigs fly

On Sundays our kids don't always get naps because our church ends at 2:30 and we aren't usually home until at least 3:00. So, yesterday Lilly got to stay up and watch a movie while the rest of us slept. Brent was out working on church audit stuff and this is what he found when he came home. Lilly had curled up on the couch and was fast asleep. This NEVER happens with our children. Seriously, only when they are sick. She must have been really tired and really comfy! I couldn't help myself from taking a picture when she was finally still!


Nathan & Margaret said...

This picture should be blown up and framed and hung on some wall of your home! At least in her bedroom. This is one of those shots that just doesn't happen every day. DO IT! DO IT NOW!!!!

It really is so beautiful.

Cindy said...

I know someone who could make you a cool frame... ;) (to go with the cool dress!!)

somestratt said...

Yes, the dress is amazing, and for you who dont know it is Lilly's favorite made by Cindy! She wants to wear it every sunday, and many days in between :)

abstowe said...

That is a perfect little picture! Aren't you glad her hair was cute too? I certainly would frame that one. Weird - I can see a tiny bit of Cindy in her, from cindy's little girl pictures. I have never seen the likeness before.