Sunday, April 6, 2008

Grant , Sage, Suzy and Lizy

We're selling our CR-V and getting an Odyssey, so here's our picture from today after the second session. Good looking crew, huh?


Grant Watson said...

Dang, Grant, that's a great looking crew!!!

I know, Grant!!!

Love, Grant

AmShaZam said...

Are you going scitzo? If you are so desperate for comments, here's one:

"Wow, you guys look really great! What a good-looking family! And good luck selling your CR-V!"

somestratt said...

And you said Sage is Prego? Doesn't look it. I am glad that you got one last picture with the car. I know that is really important. You'll have to let me know how the Odyssey is. When we bought our first Caravan I just couldn't put the money into an odyssey or a Sienna, and I loved our first van. Our second Caravan has been somewhat of a lemon though, so in a couple years we may reconsider. And by the way, you guys are a great looking family!

Apache Watsons said...

May you sell high and buy low.
for once

Nathan & Margaret said...

Hey, for a pic that good I'll give you all the comments you want. i am totally blown away by Susie's hair!!! That chick has some great hair. And all yall look great. I think the odessy would be great. i am currently finishing driving my sadly lemony and beloved chevy venture. We think it has a bad transmission, and bad bearings and has been attacted by teenaged drivers and deer, so we don't think we want to put the money into it to fix everything. Next car. . .something toyota, but an odessy would probably do very nicely.
And sage does not look pregnant, but if she is I am so happy!!!!!!

abstowe said...

The odessy is a car of my dreams! I know that is weird, but sadly, Honda does not make a 15 passenger van. So that leaves the next best thing (with much better gas mileage!)

Cindy said...

Wow, your girls have some amazing hair! Suzy's for length and Elizabeth's for color! Very impressive.

Jeremy and Maria said...

Score reads,
American Cars 1 good experience 3 bad ones. Foreign, car of dreams..... I gotta say. Having owned 2 American cars, 2 Japanese cars, 1 Japanese Bike and a 1 German car. BUY JAPANESE
FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!!!!! My american cars were lemons from start to finish not to mention feeling like they had been manufactured by Mr. Potato head. And my German one.... two words HOLY CRAP THAT WAS EXPENSIVE!!!! ok so its not 2 words but it was the most consise my sentiments could be condensed into. Love you grant. Crew looks great. Would make you an offer on your CR-V but we poe so thats pretty much that. Love ya.

Grant Watson said...

The Odyssey

Up until driving a Pilot, the CR-V impressed more than any other car.

Until driving a 2005 Odyssey.