Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brain Teaser

OK Guys! Here's one for you to figure out:

Three Mormon women attending BYU Women's Conference went to check into their hotel. The room was only $30.00, so each shared the cost by paying $10 each. A few minutes after they left the front desk, the guy who checked them in realized he had overcharged them. The room was only $25, so he called for the bell hop to go to their room and give them back their $5.

The bell hop, not knowing how to split $5 evenly between the three women, decided to just pocket the extra $2 and gave each of the women $1 back. So . . . here's the question: The women, having been given their $1 back, each paid $9. $9 times 3 is $27, plus the $2 the bell hop kept, equals $29. What happened to the other $1?

Just a warning: You who are attending BYU Women's Conference, BEWARE OF DISHONEST BELL HOPS!


Em said...

Well if the room is 25$ and you tip your bellhop 2$ and each of the women get a dollar thats 30. I dont see a problem.

Total Hotel bill (bellhop and room)= 27
9*3 =27

3 dollars change 1$ to each woman theres your 30.

Jeremy and Maria said...

Its a reverse Logic problem, where it only works when you dont manipulate the math.

In Reverse. Who has what?

Hotel = $25
Guest 1= $1
Guest 2= $1
Guest 3= $1
Hellbound Bellhop= $2

Equals $30

Only when you present it as a multiplication problem of 9*3 +2 does it not work out. But that is negating who has what.