Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Few Posts to End the Derth...

Happy Birthday to Elaina!

Elaina turned eight this week! She's so excited to be baptized! As a reminder, we're baptizing her the first weekend in July, on Saturday the 5th. Anyone who can, please plan to attend. Elaina is so sweet and smart, and so aware of things. Much more, I would say, than I was at this age. I was a day-dreamer and a story-writer.

With that said, I thought I would ask the Watsons a question I have. Elaina is very smart, understands things quickly, and is bored easily in school. Homework is like pulling teeth and we're only in the 2nd grade! Since she is a very different little person than myself and any of my sisters, I'm wondering if taking a Watson approach might help her want to do well and perhaps enjoy schoolwork. (Is that possible?) What motivated you when you were younger? What seems to work for your children?


Nathan & Margaret said...

HuRRY!!!! SOMEONE answer Amber's question FAST!!!! because I also have kids who don't seem to like school. I. . .being a fabulous student. . .also don't understand how to deal with someone who is not as great as me!!!! I remember our dad threatened us sometimes, and that worked very well for me. but hasn't worked very well for my kids who don't enjoy school.

Sam, SuperSam said...

Uh... all i can say is that spanking me for not doing school work didn't help...
not much anyway.

In college, however, i've found that if a professor will just let me read while they lecture, i get more out of the lecture, and don't fall asleep or feel antsy. don't think that'll help yet though.

Cindy said...

Hmmm...I don't have much experience with homework. But I do remember Cindy Lynn having to do tons of stupid homework--that was really one of the final straws that made me decide I wanted to homeschool. I felt like I spent hours every afternoon making her do truly stupid stuff...and she was fairly compliant about it, just pretty slow. (Sorry sweetie, it's the truth...)

Have you tried giving lots of choices? Do you want to do your homework now or after you play outside for 30 minutes, (or in the morning if she's a morning creature with extra time then) do you want to do it in your bedroom or at the table, etc.

I think you should read John Rosemond's Homework book (it might be called "Ending the Homework Hassle") and see what he says. I like a lot of his parenting ideas..

abstowe said...

Sorry to tell you - but that is really an ADD thing, having to do more than one thing at once just so your mind can kinda, sorta, focus.
On that same note - it was recently said in the news that many ivy league college students are now trying to get diagnosed with add so that they can be on the medication as it helps them focus better.

Sam, SuperSam said...

On ADD. i always liked to read that book,
"The Professors guide to understanding the universe and Hey lets go ride our bikes".
Wierd... what kind of jobs do ADD's do well with? i find that being stuck behind a desk isn't. well... isn't good.