Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random pictures

Sometimes I just don't get my kids. What on earth are they doing? This is Jenna preparing for her piano lesson today...

And here is what my living room is full of tonight. Do you get it? I sure don't!

Lastly, just so you all know--in my next life I'm going to be a cat. A fat, happy cat like Tiger. I'm going to lay in the sun and snooze. No more cooking, cleaning, or laundry for me!


somestratt said...

First of all, Jenna is contemplating starting a career as a pedpianist. Either that or she felt the need for more blood in her brain for playing. Geez Cindy, that one was easy!

Second. Don't you remember your other kid. The one who is made of those weird things and comes apart. Here is evidence of him playing at your house yesterday. Too bad for him that he left half of himself. I guess the skating was just too much fun to be completely done with.

Third, I agree with the cat thing. The question cats like the beach?

Nathan & Margaret said...

Oh, Laila's on to you! Cats don't like water!!!! So that leaves you being a sea lion!

Your kids are adorable, and I like the fake kid a lot

abstowe said...

The real problem with being a cat is that you have to lick yourself. And if you ever have kittens, you have to lick them until they poo, and then you have to clean it up - yup - by licking!!!