Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adding a Calendar & other format issues

I was just looking at some pictures on cousin Melanie's inlaws blog. They have this cool calendar on the side that shows everyone's birthdays--I want to add one to our blog. So first of all, please post a comment with all of the birthdays in your family.

Second, I was wondering if you guys would rather the comments show all of the time, or do you like how they are now. The Leonard's blog has comments showing, and you can see it here: http://leonardletters.blogspot.com/

Any other format issues while I'm wondering?


Jeremy and Maria said...

As For the Dates,
Jeremy, November 24
Maria, March 9
Cali, Was conceived in 2007 on the alien mother ship, and her gestation was watched over by their Supreme Emperor ZORGOTH!, now she lives incarnate as our cat planning for an inevitable, yet eventual ruling of the galaxy!

As for the comments, I like seeing the numbers, I just keep track in my head and if the numbers change I check em out.

Sam, SuperSam said...

Sam, Sept 25... Em: August 17

comments: i wouldn't mind if the comments were on the main page, but like Jeremy, i can remember that much... now.
p.s. anyone wondering about my purported brain damage can rest at ease... i've either gotten worse and can't remember what i used to be like, or my new job has awakened my ability to think. call it working with 6 to 17 digit numbers all day. thank you, thank you.

p.p.s. that was a pretty long p.s. huh?

AmShaZam said...

Jeff, Jan 30
Amber, May 17
Elaina, May 22
Carter, Jan 14

And personally, I like the comment format the way it is. This way, you can see more posts per page!

abstowe said...

Bob - April 11
Andra - October 10
Robby - January 4
John - October 11
Leigh Ann - February 12
Savannah - November 28
Justin - October 20
Joseph - December 7
Matthew and Evan - September 21

Whew - it's no wonder I can't remember anyone else's birthdays! I'm struggling to remember all of ours!!!

I like the hidden posts on the blog - I only wish you could get the link to change color once you had already read all of the posts pertaining to a certain subject.

I look at the blog like this.... 5, 7, 24 (oooh, there are 3 more than last time I looked)!! I really have to memorize how many responses each post has so I can know if there are any NEW posts or not!

Jeremy and Maria said...

So Andra, I was noticing a trend to your birthdates.... every one of your kids is born between September and Februrary? Maria realized it. Thats just wild!

Jeremy and Maria said...
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Jeremy and Maria said...

2 in September On THE SAME DAY!!!!
2 in October
1 in November
1 in December
1 in January
1 In Februrary

Poor Bob must be feeling like the outlier of all time.

Jeremy and Maria said...

Then Jeff's Family only produces Males in January, And Girls in May. THis is so stinking funny!!!

Nathan & Margaret said...

Jeremy. . .ahem. . . commenting on peoples fertility cycle is a little personal, don't you think? Its like when my son Nate goes up to the dog and yells, HEY SHADOW, DO YOU WANT TO BE PREGNANT??? Personal! See if you can see any trends in mine.

Nathan Jan 12 1966
Marg Jul 26 1968
Jess Feb 19 1990
Levi Sept 29 1991
Brook Aug 30 1993
Nate Aug 25 1996
Linc Apr 6 2002
Isaac Feb 14 2004

Ill tell you what it is, Levi, Brook and Nate were the reason I didn't have any more late summer babies. Castor oil is reflected in most of the births. But not Ike, who decided to be born on Valentines day all by himself. Funny, for the kid who is the most loving in the world!!!!

Cindy said...

Ok, I think Russ & I beat anyone else's birthday stats:

Cindy Lynn: August 20th
Jason: July 7th
Josh: August 7th
Rachel: August 2nd
Jenna: August 2nd
Jared: August 2nd

Even if you don't take into account the whole triplet thing--there's no way we could have done that if we tried!

Sam, SuperSam said...

i hear that trying is the fun part.

Cindy said...

well...with the first 3 anyway! ;)

Jeremy and Maria said...

I laughed out Loud for Sam's comment, as for Marg, No patterns I can see. Love ya though.

Jeremy and Maria said...

ANY WAY the callendar Modification could possibly show us the month we are in Instead of the entire year? that would make me happy. The entire year is a bit much. If not possible knowing everyone's birthdates is better than not. Love ya.

Cindy said...

Is that better brother?

Everyone who hasn't posted, we need your dates! In a perfect world I'd already know your dates...but this is a way imperfect world!

somestratt said...

Laila Dec 20
Brent Mar 7
Hunter Feb 24
Lilly Oct 8
Joshua Mar2

We tried really hard to have Hunter in March. Darn kid decided to kick his way our 3 weeks early. Oh well, Lilly made up for it by her 1.5 week early entrance on moms birthday. I keep telling myself that if I keep the same spacing I only have 7 months left until I am pregnant again, hopefully another girl in Oct, however, the rest of me yell HE_ _ NO!!! Don't think I am ready yet.

Jeremy, a fun game to play with andra's kids dates is to count backwards and see what Holiday you find for each child's conception!!!

Jeannie said...

Val-March 20
Jeannie-Sept 24
Kate-Dec 27
Jacob-Jan 22
Grant-Nov 3
Will-May 29

Jeremy and Maria said...

yeah thats much better.

somestratt said...

you need to add dad!...and grant and bens families

abstowe said...

Just so you all know -
I have ALWAYS wanted a spring or summer baby! We have tried with a few in June/July/August and then we always get to January, not pregnant, and have to decide if we want to wait a WHOLE nother year or risk a fall/winter baby.
Jeremy, some people are just more fertile at certain times of the year (like New Year's Eve!)