Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my cute girlies

I heard commotion out on the porch the other day and this is what I saw outside. It was a sweet moment and I'm glad I caught it with the camera, because the girls spend a lot of time griping and complaining at each other lately. Lots of "I think you *hate* me!" and "you're just not nice!" I know it's a phase, and I've known all along that this lovely and wonderful phase we were in couldn't last...but I am so sad!!!


Jeremy and Maria said...

Very Cute! it took me a couple secs to figure out who's legs were whos. Love you and little Girtrude and Penelope.

Cindy said...

Yeah, I dunno though, Rachel IS covering Jenna's mouth... ;-)

Nathan & Margaret said...

so beautiful. calls for cropping in close and making a poster. I still havent' got the legs thing figured out, but as long as THEY know whose they are!