Wednesday, May 7, 2008

kids say the funniest things...

I guess that at least one of my children has missed my rants & raves about the importance of giving your children "normal" names. Here is a conversation from the kitchen just a while ago.

Jenna: Rachel and I are going to have a picnic with our 'Merican girl dolls. Did you know that my 'Merican girl doll is named Claire Nichols Ray?

Me: (thinking --"Nichols" How interesting. Where did she come up with the name Nichols? The new seminary/institute guy is named Nichols, but surely she doesn't know that!)

Jenna: But now I wish she had a different name.

Me: Really? What do you wish you'd named her?

Jenna: I wish her name was Claire Quarters Ray.

Me: Quarters? (thinking--Quarters? it....Claire NICKELS Ray...)

We obviously have some work to do before the girl grows up. :)


Cindy said...

Actualy it's Sarah Nickles Ray. Rachel's doll is Claire.

Cindy said...

Well Sarah definitely goes better with any coin name than Claire does!!

somestratt said...

I guess she figured that she may be worth a little bit more with a middle name like quarters. I think we will name our next child
______ billionaire Stratton

No announcements...just a good name.

abstowe said...

I think that is so cute!
And along the lines of naming them after things we love, I think I will name my next one:
sugar chocolate stowe

Nathan & Margaret said...

We do have a great grandmother on moms side named Dorothy Bazzle Divine. So I think Andra should have twins next. . .Girls. . . . . and name them Chocolate Bazzle Stowe, and Sugar Divine Stowe. or, Bazzle Chocolate Stowe, and Devine Sugar Frosting Stowe!!!! just a thought

somestratt said...

Margaret! those are the best names ever! I laughed and laughed! I really liked Devine sugar frosting stowe the best though!

abstowe said...

How do I say this with any degree of p.c?
Probably I would have to be a different skin color to use those names!!!

Cindy said...

I am definitely naming my kid Bazzle.

Bazzle Baldwin... it has quite the ring to it.

Maybe even "Bazzle Billionaire Baldwin"!

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh--speaking of PC, has anyone read the article on the ward that's doing tutoring in inner city DC? It tells about 3 brothers named....(speaking of names and skin color...)LaMar, LaMain, and LaVontay. The only other place they could have been born would be 1950's Utah!!

Cindy said...

Ok so I emailed Mahon at work (he does some kind of phone sales right now) and told him that our children were going to be named Bazzle Billionaire Baldwin and Divine Sugar Frosting Baldwin.

He wrote back and said that he had just called someone named Caramel!

somestratt said...

Sick, sick, sick...with belly rolling laughter. This is too funny! But really, Cindy Lynn,