Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Tale of a Cat Pushed too FAR!!!

So Lincoln fell asleep on the couch, and Madison thought he looked like a comphy place to sleep also!
So she crawled up on the blue blanket and fell asleep. Everything was peacefull. After sleeping more or less upright for a while, Lincoln fell over. All was still well with the cat. Although the angle might be a little less optimal.

Then Lincoln GRABS the cat and WRANGLES her under his head to use as a PILLOW!!!!! Note the look on the cat's face. The cat put up with this treatment for a suprisingly long time. I was proud of her.
Then she left. It took some doing, since he had her in some kind of death grip, and kept trying to re-pillow, if you know what if mean.


AmShaZam said...

That poor kitty! I'll bet if your cat and Jeremy's ever had a talk, they would have some serious grievances.

Jeremy and Maria said...

Thats about the best photo story I have ever seen.

abstowe said...

gosh, you could not have photo-shopped in a better look in that kitty's eyes!

somestratt said...

And all along, Lincoln just thought it was a pillow. IN reality he doesn't even like the cat...ok, just kidding, but the pics are so funny!


Cindy said...

Poor cat! I can't imagine one of my kids ever being able to sleep on an animal!