Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Offspring?????

I know kids have spare time on their hands from time to time. And they watch tv, or spend time with friends. Roller skate, or ride bikes or whatever. We dream that they might spend their time doing something constructive!!!! My precious offspring spend their spare time trying to roll UP the stairs!
The little one I can almost understand, but that big one is taking her Senior AP Calculus test tomorrow!!!! While I sign her up for her 2nd semester of college!!!!

Should I be worried?????


Jeremy and Maria said...

hehe...well its no mattress or sleds down the stairs but i think she will fit in at college :D

Jeremy and Maria said...

Since going to college I have done stranger things than that. Love ya. Jer. By the way previous comment was Pretty girl.

AmShaZam said...

AP Calculus test? What she is doing is perfectly normal. I've come to call it "Avoidance Behavior". It's what I do to delay unpleasant things.

Em said...

There were no stairs involved really, but the other day I personally attempted to roll up a big sandy hill. does this make you feel better? then i dropped it in 4 Low and made it all the way up without bogging. anyone want to contribute to the Jeepy's bigger tire fund??? my favotite charity!