Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We had a little Duet this morning. they were even so good as to keep it up for the camera. Show offs.

And in other news, Kayla has a new favorite past time. can you guess what that is

that's right. drooling.

I was looking at old pictures today, and thought I'd share what a year in Dog Years turns out to be.

2 months old

14 months old much more mature, eh?


somestratt said...

That video was great! Both of them!!!

Cindy said...

The video is hilarious! Does he always sing along?

I am Sam said...

buddy likes to make noise. If we mimic him, It makes him crazy anxious, and he comes to make sure you're okay.

Nathan and Margaret said...

Funny funny! They don't sound so different from one another!!! So silly. And buddy sure has grown up in a year. thank heavens kids dont grow up that fast.