Monday, January 25, 2010

Family Search!

If you have not yet had a chance to check out you might want to give it a whirl!

I took a genealogy class at BYU and all it did was confuse me into oblivion. This new web site is so much fun - along with the pile of information that Dad and Ramona gave me a few years ago, I feel like I am in heaven! I am getting to take lots of mom's painstaking research (love her handwriting) and put it into this site, some things are matching up so well that it takes mom's ancestry farther than I had anticipated.

I don't know much about this work, only that it is wonderful, addictive, and I want to know more. This week will be the first time that I have ever taken my own names to the temple. For years, we have had many cards from Bob's sister and brother in law, but there is just a different feeling here. From what I can tell, Lottie Elizabeth Surratt was never sealed to her parents?
Sorry - just a LITTLE excited here!!!!!!!


Cindy said...

Lottie was never sealed to her parents? I wonder why--because I helped mom & dad seal mom to *her* parents....

abstowe said...

all i know is what is showing up in the system. I don't know if mom just did not have enough information or what. Go online and have a look!