Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not too friendly

Buddy was presented with a new squeak toy. He has had his Elephant for a long time. the elephant still has all appendages.
The squeaky cloth dog thing at walmart lasted 4 mintues before an ear was gone. He has had this Doggie toy for about 4 hours, and there was a 1 hour nap during it's lifespan.
See anything missing?


Cindy said...

I am thinking I don't want to be Buddy's chew toy!

Reminds me of dad biting off the heads of all of the "men" in his trucks when he was a little boy.

abstowe said...

I'd say plan on keeping buddy away from the new baby!

Nathan and Margaret said...

this is sad and adorable! Is there any more sleeping going on with Emily?

Apache Watsons said...

have a real child already!

Nathan and Margaret said...

So funny!!! the elephant was already short enough! but the dog was probably too leggy, and thereby offensive to your very close to the ground dog. :) It had to be done.