Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sisters, Sisters

If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.             ~Linda Sunshine

Here's a recap of Girls Nite Out for those of you who weren't able to be with us.  We missed you!!!

Friday afternoon we met  to start our annual Girls Nite Out.  This year's celebration was pretty spontaneous since I didn't decide to go to Utah until a few weeks ago--thanks to everyone for being such good sports about it!

We started our afternoon with a late lunch at PF Changs, which has become a tradition.  First we had yummy lettuce wraps,  

then all sorts of good food, 

and of course we finished with "The Great Wall of Chocolate."

While we waited for our food Laila and Amber played a game they had been planning, called "What's in Your Purse."  For a while we thought that Amber would win, with 5 sharpies and a large handful of assorted pens and pencils.  The undies definitely put her over the top.

But Laila pulled it out at the last minute, with this moldy contribution that she can only assume used to be a pea.  (A snack for her Josh.)

All I could say was that I was happy to be carrying a little purse that can't hold much more than my wallet, cell phone, and purse cam!

We left a big tip for our waiter, who was nice enough to take a picture for us and to dispose of the pea thing.  Ugh.  Andra and Laila practiced their origami on the tip.

When we left the restaurant I was able to take a picture showing the truth of Laila's explanation of spring in Utah.  She says,
Spring in Utah is winter plus summer.  Winter one day, summer the next day, and both winter and summer the next.
Amen, sister, is all I can say to that.  When I left the restaurant I took a picture to the west,

And to the east.  Seriously, I didn't move at all.  Just turned and faced the other direction.

The weather is insane!

As we were leaving the mall we saw an interesting fashion statement, and fortunately I was able to whip out the purse cam in time to record it.  For my posterity.  So that they know What Not to Wear.

(PS.  If you know this woman, don't tell her that her picture is on my blog.  
But you may want to ask her where she gets her socks.)

After lunch we went and got massages at the massage school.  The massage school is always a little bit of a gamble.  The last time we went there, a couple of years ago, I didn't get much of a massage.  This time I'm pleased to report that my massage experience was terrific.  If I lived in Provo I'd go visit that girl once a week!

Usually we stay in Park City for girls night, but because we were so much earlier in the season the rates aren't down there yet, and so we stayed at a different hotel.  The location was convenient, but the hot tub was over chlorinated and made our eyes sting.  :(  There was also the small problem that when I thought I was grabbing my tankini top out of the bathing suit box, what I really got was this.

And no, I'm not posting a picture of the tshirt I wore instead!

Our Saturday fun included a very late breakfast at IHOP (delicious as always, except for the dirty glass), shopping at Kohls where Laila and Jenny tried on these pants

 and a trip to the nail salon at Walmart for pedicures.

Our toes were very happy.  (Except for Jenny's.  Sorry about that!)

After all of that fun was done we went back to Laila's house where we were met by all of the husbands and dad.  We had dinner and sat around talking while the kids played and we ignored them.  Well...except for baby Kayla.  Who could ignore her?!?

Emily was nice enough to let me hold her for a long time, and she was so much fun.  Especially when she fell asleep all snuggled against me.  Other peoples' babies are so much fun!

We finished up the evening with a big chocolate cake for Jenny's birthday.

I always have so much fun with my sisters, and I am always so grateful that my brothers have married such wonderful women.  Thank you all for coming and playing with me.  I love you all!



somestratt said...

Hurray for GNO!!! Can't wait till next year. I LOVE THOSE PICTURES

Em said...

Great Pics!

Cindy said...

Hurray for the purse cam, right?!?

Cindy said...

And Emily, that really is one adorable baby!

AmShaZam said...

So sad I had to miss portions of it! My toes are especially sad. But I'm glad you got it documented, and that I could share much of it with you guys! And, I DID go back to Kohl's, and Jenny and I are now proud owners of those amazing (read: ugly as sin) 80's pants! There will be a party to celebrate. And perhaps they will resurface at the beach? One never knows with pants that awesome.

Cindy said...

You bought the pants?!? You guys really are amazing! I wish I was skinny enough to buy amazing pants with you!