Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Really Bad Hair Day

Yesterday I was informed that today would be crazy hair day at the elementary school. I took one look at my boy's overgrown buzz cuts and decided to go for it. Wednesday would be Mohawk day. Last night, I teamed up with my handy dandy pair of clippers and made my boys into the image of true rednecks. Keep in mind - my plan was to trim it off, just as soon as they stepped foot off the school bus. They were pretty impressed.
Here are the results:

It appears now, however, that the joke is on me. The children who were so certain YESTERDAY that today would be crazy hair day today began to mention this morning (the morning after rednecking my own children) that maybe, just maybe
crazy hair day is..... Wednesday.
After verifying this with a teacher, I once again pulled out my trusty shears and am now sending them to school almost bald.
Sad day for hair in the Stowe household!


Em said...


Cindy said...

Oh no! That'll teach them to give you the wrong date!

AmShaZam said...

Yeah- we've learned through sad experience not to trust the kids with remembering dates!

Apache Watsons said...

Hopefully you punched the barber that cut these heads in the chest!!