Monday, July 26, 2010

$5 chairs and free table FINISHED!!!

CHAIR BEFORE (In its glory)




abstowe said...

First - Didn't you get that table from your neighbor so you wouldn't have to care about the kids beating it up????

And second, those chairs are awesome! Can't decide what I like better, the table or the chairs!

somestratt said...

Yes, I did get it from my neighbor so i wouldn't have to worry. the other table was beautiful cherry wood. The key with this make over is that it is still a veneer top covered by spray paint and polyurethane....easily fixed ANY time. Not quite like refinishing a beautiful cherry wood top! I love the chairs too!

Maria said...

I really like that fabric. Did you reupholster the chairs yourself? It all looks fabulous!

somestratt said...

Thanks Maria! And yes, I did the chairs while myself, even going as far as using the compressor and gun while Brent was out of town!!! No more hand staplers for this girl!

AmShaZam said...

I love them! I'm so glad you went with the black table and white chairs.