Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did John Grant's DNA Survive?

So the big question is. . .Did John Grants DNA survive? Sure a couple of his sons have a passing resemblance, but how about the next generation? Recently an almost random stranger pointed out that my child (who I thought might be a switched at birth child because of the other childrens resembling of either Cynthia Riggs or Nathan Pace) actually looked like the older gentleman in the picture in our living room.
Suddenly, my eyes were opened and I realized that I had seen that nose, those lips and that eye shape before. I gotta say, even though I have thought this particular kid was good looking for at least 5 months, I now enjoy looking at him in a whole different way.
Kudos to people for inventing gell and cool hairstyles for guys. If day had had AXE hair paste for men, the girls would have been all over him. Admit it dad. You think that sounds good. :)


somestratt said...

You know, that first picture does actually look a lot like Jeremy too! Ha ha for genes!!!

Nathan and Margaret said...

Thought he looked like Jer for a long time. And Jeremy was the first one who watched Nate and said, "That kid scares me. He reminds me of me!" Made me feel better!