Saturday, January 1, 2011


I have no good picture for this one, BUT......
          Ben and Jenny are GREAT house guests!  They came down last minute to spend New Year's Eve with us and brought treats and movies.  
          With their help, we managed, not only to ring in the new year with flutes of sparkling cider, but to make it to 

1/1/11 1:11:11

before we all passed out!!!!!

Happy New Year 
(and will someone volunteer to play with the kids in the morning so we adults can sleep in?????)


Cindy said...

We have celebrated New Year's with Ben & Jenny and we can attest to their fun-ness!

somestratt said...

envious! We had all the kids in bed and got busy with projects and forgot to even kiss when new years hit. We did look outside at the neighbors fireworks as we climbed tiredly into bed. Maybe I should try coming to yours or Cindy's house next time :)

abstowe said...

It was a LOT more fun than I had planned. I had planned to go to bed by 10:30 and sleep right through it!