Monday, May 18, 2009

Surprise! You were on tv

Jer and I got cable for this summer. First time since we've been married. It's been really nice because I can watch something while I feed Addie (or when she takes a nap for that matter) if I feel like it.

So this afternoon I turned it on and hgtv was on. I read the info because a commercial. It was 'cash in the attic' and someone was earning money to repair their front porch. And since I was only paying half attention this was my thought process.

"Hmm...that sounded alot like Laila."
Look up
"That looks alot like brent.... (cut to host) What was the last name again. Hey it's Laila and Brent!"

So it was nice to see you guys today :)


abstowe said...

That is so funny! I bet you had to call Jeremy right away! I would have been jumping out of my skin.

somestratt said...

So funny .... and embarrassing! Actually, one of my other sis-in-laws called this morning saying the same thing! REally, when we did the show I NEVER thought about re-runs!

abstowe said...

You could be on reruns for YEARS!!!

Maria said...

haha well at least it won't be like the cosby show or friends where it will occur many times daily.

I totally did call Jer and we sat here and watched for a good 10 min.

Jeremy said...

I Like the $45 in glass door nobs LOL - jer

Cindy said...

LOL--I'll bet you were a little startled, Maria!

Maria said...

ya just a little bit. You just don't expect that when you turn on the tv.