Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What makes me happy?

So it is tadpole season again in Western New York. When It got to be time I remembered two years ago when I was totally loving my tadpoles and then Isaac sprayed all purpose cleaner in to the water. they all went from being happy and squiggly and shiny black. . eating their boiled lettuce . . . to dull grey and dead. At that point, jess was at her sickest and I was out of rope. It was devestating. (these tadpoles are eating a floer that the little boys put into their bucket!!!)
When Ike asked for more tadpoles this year I realized that he had already learned the spray cleaner lesson! So that wouldn't happen again!!! So we got these guys as well as a ton of plants from our friends yard (I planted 11 lilac suckers yesterday!!! pink, dark purple, and light purple!!!! yeah!!!! so happy!!!!!)

Here are the tadpoles eating a mallow leaf that the kids put in. I have cautioned the kits to not put in any other kinds of plants, cause we still don't know what might be deadly!!!

Aren't they cute?? They love nibbling on the flowers! they love nibbling on the leaves. they even eat the pollen off of the stamens. They are so happy!!!


Cindy said...

So cute--I just love tadpoles...

abstowe said...

I will have to take your word for it, but the plants look nice!