Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Break--First Stop

Last week the kids and I went to Charleston to bond.  I had 2 free hotel nights there (although free is a relative term when they throw away a kids' retainer while you're there!) and  we stayed at the farm the first night so that I wouldn't have to pay for a thord night.  I thought you guys might enjoy some pictures.

First of all, the reason my kids are usually pretty happy to travel with me.

Treat bags.
From our house it's about the same time to drive to the farm on the interstate (faster) or on local highways (shorter) so I always take the highways.  I love when we drive through the little towns just before Society Hill--the old houses along the highway are so amazing.

We were so excited that Aunt Pam was there too.  


How many pictures have been taken on these steps??

The kids had a great time roller blading & ripsticking in the driveway.  (Really and truly, I probably only needed to take them to a big empty parking lot for spring break!)

They also enjoyed the new tire swing.

For those of you who haven't heard the story, Uncle Chuck, Uncle Mark, and Dad were determined to put up this swing while they were all there last winter.  (Remember--this is Dad who put up a swing in the Hendersonville back yard by tying two ladders together!)  Anyway, they drove the truck under the tree and put the ladder in the back of the truck so that Uncle Chuck could climb up the ladder into the tree.  (Why Uncle Chuck?  Did they figure he was closest to the end of his life??)  Then he climbed out onto the limb to attach the rope.  Aunt Pam sounded like she thought they were all insane when she was telling the story!

It was a beautiful time of year to be at the farm.  Everything was covered with a haze of yellow pollen--just like North Carolina.  I don't know how Aunt Pam manages to make the yard at the farm look better than my yard, when I live in my home all of the time!  (Except that she works really hard in the yard at the farm, and I don't work in my yard!)


We went up to the Society Hill cemetery before we left.  For those of you who aren't lucky enough to be out here ;) here are pictures of Grandma's & Grandpa's markers.  I can't remember what Aunt Pam said they're called--but they're not headstones and that probably is the extent of my cemetery vocabulary!

Here is another shot so that you can see more of the cemetery.

As we drove to the cemetery I told the kids about a lovely home we passed.  I told them that one day Grandpa and Grandma Cindy just stopped at the house and told the people how much they liked it, and the people showed them all around it.  Every time I pass it the memory makes me smile.

We stopped across the street on our way back so that I could take some pictures of the home & yard.  Just for mom!


 Hope you've enjoyed our time at the farm!


somestratt said...

Cindy, those pictures were great! It really makes me miss it. Maybe Brent and I will have to take the kids there for the night before the beach starts...

abstowe said...

Sure does make me wish for the "good ole days". For the pile of relatives all willing to spend a week in relative discomfort just for the opportunity of being together. Our parents really did a GREAT job of making that happen!

abstowe said...

I just cannot figure out the last 2 pictures

Cindy said...

Andra--seriously? This is a beautiful home on 15 between Hartsville and Society Hill. One day mom and dad stopped there and told the people how much they liked their house, and the people showed them all around it! I just thought that was so excellent that mom & dad did that, so I took a picture of the place. Which really is beautiful.

cindy baldwin said...

Oh, I am so jealous!

Grant Watson said...

Did the Aunts and Uncles ever decide what they were going to do with the farm? That place is rich in history and I would hate for it to leave the family.