Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scarlet's Blessing

Scarlet's blessing will be this Sunday at 9:00AM at our church on 200 North, 1050 East in Orem, UT. We won't be having festivities or food afterwards, but anyone interested is welcomed to come to the house after.


abstowe said...

Grant and Sage -
I hate it that we have to miss this one! Our presidency meeting is at 9:30 and the first week of the month is the one with the bishopric councilor, and seeing as how we are waaaay understaffed and they keep takign people, I have to be there this time!
Will you post pictures of her in her dress?

AmShaZam said...

Cool! We'll try and be there!

Nanna said...

Grant and Sage, we have our Activities Committee Mtg scheduled at 10:00 Sunday morning. It's our last one before our Ward Christmas Party, and since they stripped us of almost all our committee members, it's a crucial one for us so we can reassign the responsibilities for the party. Sorry! Being able to attend our grandbabies' blessings was one of the reasons we moved to Utah! Drats!

Apache Watsons said...

I'm done in AZ don't ye know, but i let me hotty knows de tame ond plyace. It's sa warm heeya aye feel its jamyeca, mon.